👀 me in back helping my Dad build our house. Honestly- from total scratch- thats the kind of guy he is. Happy Father’s Day, Dad. Love you

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When I first heard Ryan and Casey were prone paddling from Alaska to Mexico, unassisted, I thought they were crazy and didn’t think it was possible... it turns out they ARE crazy and if anyone could pull it off it’s them. They’ve spent 3 years on this documentary but now they need our help! Please check out their kickstarter and help @byhandproject make it to the big screen. (Link in bio)

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After all these years, I still haven’t washed this nipple @jimcarreyhere

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I’ve heard from a lot of friends, family and fans who have watched #extremelywicked and I just wanted to share a big THANK YOU. This was a passion project and your support means the world to me. Here’s some #bts footage from the shoot

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New Gym Time is LIVE. @josephineskriver @kelseymerritt @jastookes @sarasampaio are VS Angels but they’re also incredible athletes. They also said I earned my wings so that’s great too👏. 📸 @willkamp

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Love you Grandma. Rest In Peace. We’ll take good care of Grandpa for you.

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I’ve heard from so many friends and fans who watched this movie last week. So thankful for all the support. You guys lift me up! Can’t thank you enough. Let me know below if #extremelywicked is in your weekend plans, maybe right before #got on Sunday 🙈

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Fishing beside the 5 freeway in Los Angeles... and we didn’t get sick after 😂. Link in bio

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When @lilyjcollins slapped me in #extremelywicked... over and over again 😜. Can you name any other movies I get slapped in?

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Watch Extremely Wicked today on @netflix!

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Here’s a look behind the scenes of #extremelywicked. UK and Irish audiences can see the film on @skycinemauk or in theaters today!

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This thing scares me. Feels like west world. Gonna make sure no one brings it to life.

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