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The Sheikh Zayed Grande mosque is the largest in the UAE and the central place of worship in Abu Dhabi for up to 40,000 People. Hard to find a bad angle on this spectacular architecture. It’s elegant minarets and white marbled domes dominate the city skyline. I loved shooting here especially at dawn when the cool light of the morning sky mixes with the warm light of the sun. #sheikzayedmosque #abudhabiarchitecture #unitedarabemirates

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Arabian nights-- Liwa Fort under desert sky. A trip to the Empty Quarter at night for star viewing is a must. With no city light pollution, one can’t help but be mesmerized gazing into a million stars. #arabiannights #liwaforts #emptyquarter #abudhabi

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The Louvre Abu Dhabi seems to float upon its reflecting pond. An architectural masterpiece, this museum was designed by Jean Nouvel. In partnership with the Louvre in Paris, it showcases art from around the world, and opened in 2017. #LouvreAbuDhabi #museumofart #artmuseum #arabicarchitecture

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Desert dunes near the Liwa Oasis in Abu Dhabi. The Rub' al Khali is the largest contiguous desert in the world, covering most of the southern third of the Arabian peninsula. Aptly named, the Empty Quarter, it can best be described as a sea of sand with rolling windswept waves. #AbuDhabi #UAE #unitedarabemirates #rubalkhali

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Sponsored by @sonysingapore | Amazing how Sony’s Real-time tracking Eye Autofocus is able to lock on and follow the eye of this Halloween-masked monk. The monk portrays the enemies of Tibet during the annual reenactment of the epic story of Ling Gesar, the Father of Tibet, at Shechen Monastery, Kham, Sichuan province. EXIF: 1/60sec, f/16, ISO100 #SonyAlpha #A9 + #SonyGMaster #SEL2470GM #SonyEyeAF @sonysingapore

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Savoring a sip of yak butter tea on the Chamagudao, the ancient Tea Horse Road to Lhasa, the theme of my exhibition in Shanghai opening on July 12. Stay tuned for details. #buttertea #teahorseroad #photoexhibit #photographyexhibition

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Tianzi Mountain Nature Reserve: One of four scenic spots in the larger Wulingyuan Scenic and Historic Interest Area, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Quartz sandstone pillars shrouded much of the time in mist make this appear like a classical landscape painting. The rains came and brought in the fog. These otherworldly cliffs were the real world inspiration for the floating Hallelujah Mountains of Pandora in James Cameron's film 'Avatar'. #Zhangjiajie #TianmenMountain #Wulingyuan

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Join me and Justin Black from September 21 - October 4, on a photography workshop in Tibet. We will visit some of the most iconic locations in Tibet, such as the Potala Palace and Mt. Kailash. All locations and info about the workshop can be found by going to the workshops link at @visionarywild. Spots are going quickly, so secure yours before it fills up. #tibet #photoworkshop #tibetan #tibetanart #photographyworkshop

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Pigs in the news in China where a new outbreak of African swine fever has necessitated the culling of herds, 200 million or roughly a third of China’s pig population, the biggest in the world. It’s bad news for a country that loves pork, the most popular meat staple, but fortunately it does not threaten human health. 2019 is officially the Year of the Pig. #piglets #pigs #swine

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Chinese fishing nets of Kochi: These huge dip nets (10 meters high and sprawling 20 meters over the water), are fixed to the shore, and are a unique way to fish. The nets are weighted by large stones tied to ropes and are operated by a team of up to six fishermen who raise the net by pulling on ropes. Legend has it that the famous Chinese explorer, Zheng He, introduced the nets to Kochi fishermen 500 years ago. #Cochin #Kerala #India #fishingnet

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Sponsored by @sonysingapore | A Tibetan nomadic woman tends to her sheep, sheering its wool. Sony's acclaimed AI-based Real-time Eye Autofocus has evolved to a new level, now providing reliable real-time eye autofocus for animals, locking immediately on the sheeps eyes. EXIF: 1/60sec, f/13, ISO100 #SonyAlpha #A7RIII + #SonyGMaster #SEL1635GM #SonyEyeAF @sonysingapore

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The hula hoop was a huge fad in the late 50’s when more than 100 million were sold in 2 years. It eventually died out in the 80’s, but not in China where kids in the countryside still find it fun. #chamagudao #teahorseroad #yunnan #hulahoop

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