I was born at a young age. My heroes are my dad, Liam Neeson, and Batman. I'm a motovlogger on YouTube. Other than that, I have no life.


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Maddie has always been more than just a girlfriend to me. She’s my best friend and I knew from the beginning she was the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I’m happy to announce that “Operation: Propose-To-Maddie-And-Surprise-Her-And-Also-Get-Her-To-Say-Yes-And-Like-Me” was a success. #engaged #proposal #mine #ring @maddie_pete

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Really enjoyed riding my new 2018 KTM 1290 Super Duke R for the first time! I’m really excited to customize this thing and make it special. Pic by @maddie_pete #motorcycle #ride #bikelife #superduke #superduker #duker #1290superduke #happy

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What rider wouldn’t want his whip in his apartment? 😎 This pretty thing is only saving this spot for the new bike which will be revealed in tomorrow’s video. #motorcycle #ride #bikelife #rider #lifestyle #ninja #ninja650 #kawasakininja

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Heeeeell yeeeeeah, just went for my first ride in Maryland! That video will be up Friday and I’m having a meetup for you peoples if you want to be meeted. January 5th 10AM Barnes & Noble parking lot: 5500 Buckeystown Pike, Frederick, MD - Pic by @maddie_pete

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Moved to Maryland just in time to have Christmas with my girlfriend and get the perfect gift of matching PJs. ❤️ I’ll be back on YouTube tomorrow with a couple announcements. #maryland #christmas #girlfriend #twinsies

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First day of driving on my move to Maryland, one more to go. #roadtrip #moving #jeep #dog #motorcycle

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Just got the air horn installed at my @4wheelparts in Overland Park, now I’ll be ready for those east coast drivers. lol This install is actually the last mod in the POOTIS 4WheelParts project! I’ll be making a video later detailing all the mods and everything that was done to it. Thanks to 4WheelParts for doing this project with me! #jeep #trainhorn #horn #jeepwrangler #wrangler #rubicon #jeepjk #modded #lifted #jeeplife #4wheelparts

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Saying goodbye to Kansas got me like “oof”. In tomorrow’s video, I explain why I’m moving and what’s next for me. #whateverwednesday

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Look how cute he is. 😭 I recorded it really quick to just put on my story, but he’s too cute. ❤️ #bernesemountaindog #bernese #berner #puppy #dog #cute @bernerronin

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I’m boxing up my life and shipping it to Maryland. JK I’m boxing up my life and DRIVING it to Maryland ... and I’m going to stay with my boxes. Those of you in Maryland rejoice! Those of you in Kansas, sorry, gtg. 😬 I’ll talk about it in Finally Friday tomorrow. #moving

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