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Work hard! Relax harder! To everyone who came out to the Madea Farewell Tour, I want to thank you. To all the cities we didn’t get to, there’s still a chance that you may get to see it!! God bless!!

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Auhhh.... soooooo...... here’s the deal. This is not the way to get my attention if you’re looking for a role in one of my shows. Please DON’T DO THIS, SAVE YOUR MONEY!! This is the third time that someone has done this. PLEASE STOP! To audition is FREE!! I’m sure you can use that money for a better purpose. I love that you want to work with me, and I love that you invest in yourself. But when you do things like this it puts my team on high alert and makes me look at you sideways. I know the message that you want to send is a positive one, but this comes across as the opposite. Again, the best way to work for me is to AUDITION and it’s FREE! We post breakdowns all the time for actors. JUST COME AND AUDITION. And by the way, you were great in THE NIGHT OF! It was my favorite show a couple years ago. I ALREADY SAW YOU!! So just audition and keep your money!! Again, I appreciate your effort, but that’s not the way to work for me. God bless you dreamer. I have no doubt you will make it one day!!

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I can only find two words THANK YOU!!!

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You heard Madea! “I’m here to COURAGE you.” Download A Madea Family Funeral today!

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Opened last night at Radio City Music Hall. Thank you New York for 6 sold out shows. SUCH A GREAT AUDIENCE!! One more week on this tour!! Thank you Jesus!!

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Took my blood pressure this morning, and it made me think about John Singleton and all of us. I want to ask you a few questions. When was the last time you checked your blood pressure? When was the last time you had a physical? When was the last time you ran a mile? When was the last time you checked in on YOU?John's untimely death should be a wake up call to all of us. We gotta take better care of ourselves!!

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I think John's life and untimely death should speak to all of us about how precious and short this life truly is. We’ve been starting the shows with this dedication. I’m carrying your family in my spirit every day. Rest well my friend.

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#Repost @theoriginalbigdaddy WELL SAID LEE DANIELS!! I’d like to add the Wayans brothers and Robert Townsend to this list, as well as many many others. - - - - - - Last night I saw this article and felt misled yet again by a headline. I went on to read one of the most important articles published by #TheHollywoodReporter in recent years. The article chronicles the emergence of a new production model in the television and film industry. The first “officially” inclusive production is credited to executive producer Michael B Jordan. Michael and the studio are properly heralded for their leadership in the film industry for ensuring greater diversity by establishing a production team drawing from traditionally disenfranchised groups in association with his new project 'Just Mercy.' Michael's efforts and rider are to be applauded and supported by all in Hollywood who hope to see a broader cross-section of America in the film industry. However, where the article falls short is in its misrepresentation of the historical record of Hollywood. Perhaps the author was unaware of previous undertakings to break down barriers in the industry. Is it believable that this is the "first" successful effort to diversify Hollywood production projects? There is no mention in the 372-word article of John Singleton who brought Hollywood to south-central Los Angeles and diversified his film projects with actors and a film crew never seen before. Where is a mention of Melvin Van Peebles, Julie Dash, Sidney Portier, the Hudlin brothers, Tim Reed, Vondi Cutis Hall, Kasi Lemmons, Carl Franklin, Spike Lee, the Hughes brothers or Charles Dutton who refused to step on the set until he saw greater African-American representation alongside him. What about Tyler Perry and the type of diversity and inclusion he brings to the set? I'm sure Michael would agree that the “unofficial” contributions to diversity of these artists and countless others, and the fight to have a seat at the table for underrepresented groups deserves to be honored and acknowledged. In celebrating current undertakings to diversify Hollywood we must not turn our backs on the sacrifices of the groundbreaking African-American...

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I cannot believe this man is gone at such a young age. He was always encouraging, supportive, and gracious to me. I will be calling his and his family’s name in my prayers tonight. Heartbroken and shocked. May God add peace and rest to your ascending soul Mr. John Singleton.

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Walked into the Fox Theatre in good ole Detroit and the theatre had put this up!!! No, THANK YOU FOX AND DETROIT for all the love over the years and selling out these 6 shows. 87th sold out show tonight. 44 more to go. Thank you America!!!

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This man is AMAZING!! Not only one of the greatest preachers of our time but also a brilliant writer and thinker. You gotta read this book. It’s blessing my SOUL!! Thank you @bishopjakes! I love your brilliant wisdom. TURN YOUR PRESSURE INTO POWER!!

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