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A selection of some of my favourite wildlife/safari shots. Most of them I haven’t posted before. Which one is your favourite? I think mine is the zebras! 😊 #safari #wildlifephotography

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  • 11 Hours ago

Inspired by the last couple of days of exploring great wildlife photographers, I thought I would put myself out of my comfort zone and try a a really different edit on some of my safari shots from last year. I’m really pleased with how they came out. What do you think? Have a look at my stories for a before and after. #safari #cheetah #wildlifephotography

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This was my favourite experience in the Serengeti last year and of all time too to be honest! Tomorrow I’ll be sharing my favourite wildlife shots from there, so stay tuned. #serengeti #serengetinationalpark #hotairballoon

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Probably my favourite ever safari image. Taken in Tanzania on a 400mm lens. Over the next few days I’m going to share a few of my shots and memories from Africa, especially wildlife photos that I haven’t shared before. #serengeti #tanzania #safari

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The Fairy Pools on the Isle of Skye, looking a little more moody than last time I went. One time I’d love to catch them in the snow 👌 #fairypools #isleofskye #scotland

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I keep trying to post a new series of shots from the Isle of Skye but Instagram doesn’t want to let me post them for some reason today. So I’ll post this classic spot, one of my favourites. Swipe to see the pano. Happy Sunday folks 🙌🏻

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One of the more crazy aurora nights I have witnessed. The shapes the lights make always amaze me, they are so random and beautiful in their chaos. #aurora #northernlights

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New Years Day - Isle of Skye, Scotland. This may be the most dramatic light I’ve ever experienced. 😮 we had heavy rain, rainbows and dramatic clouds but the sun never stopped with those golden beams. The light was so thick it was like you could touch it! Scotland, you beauty! #oldmanofstorr #quiraing #isleofskye

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I’ve been looking through the archives and found some night shots from Yosemite that I never posted. We had so much great light when I was out there that I almost forgot we went out at night. #yosemite #yosemitefalls

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One of the most magical experiences I’ve been lucky enough to have was spending a few hours in the Glow worm caves of @glowingadventures in Waitomo. If you find yourself in New Zealand’s north island, make this place a must-do! #glowworm #waitomo

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The Earths celestial lava lamp #Lofoten #aurora

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Walking amongst giants in the Dolomites 🏔

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