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The way @jheneaiko sang in the pocket on that album...whew!!! We need part 2 @jheneaiko & @bigsean #theyhavetherange

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In honor of @beyonce’s #Homecoming documentary lets revisit the amazing BGVS singing the flawless arrangement of “Party”! Sing y’all!! @netflix @strongblacklead

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Good evening everyone!!! This is how the seating for @lionking will go! Altos your section is bigger Bc many of y’all are just lazy sopranos. Tenors and Sopranos we are counting on you to really hold down your section. Tenors you all can not be Tenor 1s when we have splits in the section, just take the lower note for Christ sake. Sopranos please stagger breathe, we need there to be blend and proper cut offs! Now if you are found to be in the wrong section you will be removed no questions asked. Parents if your children can’t contain themselves, you and your child will be removed. Plan accordingly!! #theyhavetherange

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Last night I got to witness the genius of @robertglasper. He is truly a music genius and to hear and watch him play live is something that I will NEVER forget. One of my favorite projects of his, is his Group “August Greene” with their record Optimistic featuring @4everbrandy & @common. Sing Brandy!!!

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Yesssss @kennylattimore giving us the vocals and the dramatics we need!! This is one of my favorite love songs of all time and Kenny still go it!! Via: @tvonetv #theyhavetherange

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Janelle Monae SNAPPED!!!! @them

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Major shout out to @kingjames for the work he is doing in education!!!!

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One for my favorite choirs got to work in the new Madea movie!! The @theseeitchoir lead by @theseeitbrand_ofgregkirklandjr did amazing work!! Support this wonderful choir!!! #theyhavetherange #ad

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Put some RESPECK on T- Pain’s name!!!!!!! @tpain #theyhavetherange

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So @_lafrietta_ damn near turned Ain’t No Way into a praise & worship song!!! She took me in!!!! I was ready for her to start squaling but she kept it composed!!!! Lol #theyhavetherange

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The fellas of @soulloungeband sang the hell out of @therealfaithevans “Soon As I Get Home”. The harmonies, the blend, the vocal stems were all on point!!!! This was soooo good! #theyhavetherange

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Listen!!!! If you know who Jalesa McRae is please tag her!!!!!! She done sang me into a coma!!!! You know how I love rasp and this was everything I needed! I also put her talking and the whole video on IG TV for the folks who are going to say she is lip syncing. Her talking voice is naturally raspy as you can see and hear! Sang lady!!!! #theyhavetherange update: singer is @jalesamcraeofficialfanpage

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