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Starting this morning off with a lil Jodeci brought to you by @iamyodel! The rasp jumped out near the end!!! This really makes me miss the harmonies male R&B used to have! Sing sir @iamyodel!! #theyhavetherange

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  • 1 Hour ago

I am just sitting here with my mouth open...😩 How in the hell are you belting that high?! That has to be a mix right?! #theyhavetherange

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Put some respect on @shaniceonline’s name!! She stills sings down and has one of the best whistle tones in the industry! Peep the vocals and technique! #theyhavetherange via: @tvonetv

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Yesssssssss @cameronjhenderson come through with this #ChrisBrown Mash-Up! The runs are everything!!! Sing sir!!! #theyhavetherange

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Ok so it’s deff time for @therealtank & @aashley_jayy to hop in the studio!!! There voices are perfect together and they will deff give us the duet the world needs right now! Sing y’all!! #theyhavetherange

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  • 2 Days ago

Well SING the song @celinedion!!! Y’all hear that rasp?! Y’all hear those runs?!!! I can’t wait to see the whole performance for the Aretha tribute! Looks like she slayed “A Change Is Gona Come” #theyhavetherange

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@kellyrowland came in sounding like a whole choir!!!! She held the soprano like it was nothing!!! Then gave you dynamics at the end! Sing! #theyhavetherange

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  • 3 Days ago

The faces the tenors made took me out!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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Congrats!!! @missymisdemeanorelliott You are a legend today and forever more!!!

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One of my favorite moments of last year is when @torikelly & @kirkfranklin dropped “Never Alone”! I hope to see more collabs like this for 2019, we need music like this to be made! #theyhavetherange

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  • 4 Days ago

1. Rather Die Young 2. Be With You 3. Kitty Kat 4. Green Light 5. Second Nature.

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Love this moment between #StevieWonder & @tyrese! To see that Stevie’s voice is still in tact and seems effortless shows that can keep you voice with proper treatment! #theyhavetherange

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