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Always a great time shooting with my guys @bre4king.pointe and @realistmiami • Caught some great colors coming off the buildings in downtown. • As Aaron would say, #typicaltampa

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This photo is really special for me because it looks like we are in San Francisco 🌉 I’d love to take Felix to America but I’m a little scared of the flight ✈️ We travel a lot with him but for now we only took him with us in our car 🚘 Taking him on a flight would mean he has to travel in a box inside the luggage section of the plane 😱 This gives me so many questions: What happens if the dog has to pee? Isn’t it extremely loud and cold where these boxes are? Does he have to get through the flight without eating and drinking? So many questions 🤯 Have you made experiences with taking your dog on an airplane? I’d be really happy about any tips! What are your thoughts about this? 😘 . . 🇩🇪Ihr Lieben! Dieses Bild ist total besonders für mich, da es ein bisschen so aussieht, als wären wir in San Francisco 🌉Ich möchte Felix soooo gerne mit nach Amerika nehmen, allerdings mache ich mir total große Sorgen wegen des Fluges✈️Zwar reisen wir viel mit ihm, sind aber bisher immer nur mit dem Auto unterwegs gewesen🚘Fliegen würde bedeuten, dass er in einer Box in den Bauch des Flugzeuges müsste😱Da kommen so viele Fragen bei mir auf: Was passiert, wenn der Hund mal muss? Ist es extrem laut und kalt, dort wo die Boxen stehen? Muss er den gesamten Flug ohne Essen und Trinken auskommen? Fragen über Fragen 🤯Habt ihr Erfahrungen? Ich wäre dankbar für jeden Tipp! Wie steht ihr generell zu dem Thema? 😘 #lisbon #lisboa #bridge #portugal

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i could’ve wrote another cliche holi caption here, but i won’t. holi has always been a festival to celebrate colours for me and it’ll continue to be so. nothing else. and you know what colours mean in a creator’s life. 💁🏻‍♀️🎨♥️ one more thing that i wanna share is, i have partnered with @adobe for the first time and i am not feeling weird while screaming out loud that i am so freaking excited about that! 💁🏻‍♀️ #AdobePartner #AdobeOnColour @adobecreativecloud @lightroom @photoshop

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The Barbican Conservatory is what I imagine it will look like once mother nature has had it with us and gets rid of us and plants will grow in our place 🌋 ...that got a bit dark.

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Поколдуем?🧙‍♂️🔮 #domingo_toys

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Не подумайте обо мне плохо, я тоже жду весну. Тоже хочу переодеться в шорты и майку и кушать мороженое где-нибудь на набережной. Но учитывая, что зимний сезон тут начался только под конец декабря, да и как сибиряк я привык, что зима должна идти 5-6 месяцев, я топлю за её продолжение. Хочу чтобы ещё вдарил минус и завалило все снегом по пояс. А потом весна придёт окончательно и уже надолго, и опять придётся ждать следующего декабря... так что не торопите события, получайте удовольствие ⠀ #naturephotography #adventureculture #welcometonature #nature_lovers #landscapephotos #fiftyshadesofnature #ournaturedays #lessismore #mountains #краснаяполяна #clouds #nationalgeographic #snowboarding #huntgram #moodygrams #aov #artofvisual #artofvisuals #счастьевгорах #prayforsnow #розахутор #розахуторвотэтода #powder #powderday #bluebird #bluebirdday #quicksilvernewstar #едунаnewstar

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Lihatlah sekitar dikala lelah melanda, mungkin dengan begitu kau akan segar kembali

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Just lovely. #bridedetails

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Wawel Castle, Kraków Jeśli podoba Ci się moje zdjęcie, dodaj komentarz, polub, podążaj za mną ... Twój mały gest jest dla mnie bardzo ważny ♥️ If you like my photo 😍 post a comment, like it ... follow me ... your little gesture is very important to me 🌹 #castle #wawel #wawelcastle #streetphotography  #createexplore #zamekkrólewski #Kraków #snow #Kraków #winter #Krakau #Cracovia #Cracow #Краков #Polen #Poland #Polska #architektura   #fstoppers  #documentaryphotography  #street_perfection  #travelthroughtheworld #artofvisual #architettura #vzcokrakow #magical_shotz #light #street #streetphotography #street_vision #streets_storytelling

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This kind of moment gives lot of boost to survive the working day👌 Though you have only couple hours time to sleep before it😅

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Thank you Washington DC for the warm and welcoming reception at the @dceff_org film festival! What a privilege it was to find myself sitting with Mike from @natgeo , film festival's programmer Brad and Jon, the director of my favourite doc film of the past year "When Lambs become Lions". We both premiered at @Tribeca last year, and screened our films in many same festivals, and now finally had a chance to talk. It's an incredibly beautiful and an important film about elephant poaching in Kenya. Brad, the programmer, said that among 300 short films that they screen at this longest and biggest Environmental film festival in the USA, mine is among his top ten. And he wishes to program more films like my @riverofthekukamas ! Words like these tremendously warm my heart and keep me going. I met activists and filmmakers and revisited the city I haven't been in since 2008 or so. Back then I attended Press dinner, and got really drunk and even went to dance on stage with the cabaret performers, as they had exact same haircut and black dresses like me... This time I visited a few museums, including African American History and saw the glimpses of spring. Come see my film in Santiago at @femcine Macrh 21-22, in Toronto March 24 at 3 pm at HotDocs cinema, in @_salemfilmfest on the 29th and in @trentonfilms on the 30th! #washingtondc #streetphotography #streetphotographer #selfportrait #shadowplay #filmfestival #filmfestivallife #womenmakemovies #womendirectors #directedbywomen #streetsgrammer

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Have you ever feel like you're a robot, doing something in autopilot mode? . •°•°🐏👾°•°• I apologies for been missing these past few days. I caught up on my office job, had meetings marathon and worked 10 - 13 hours almost everyday and literally had no time to take care of my own self (mentally, physically, and spiritually). I spent my whole week either at work or commute. . •°•°👾🐏°•°• I started to develop passion on this photography and travel things since the beginning of this year and those things are work like a fuel to the fire of my life. But lately, I noticed that I am becoming a robot going onto Auto-Pilot mode. . •°•°🐏👾°•°• After all those long hours of doing something that doesn't even bring fire to my heart and took a lot of my time, I am now put intention for this year not to allow negativity affect me, to be more aware and conscious of my own thought, to be more positive in my life and one big lesson to me this month is to go to something where my soul and heart feel fulfill. To go with passion although I'm walking against the current. That is better than becoming a sheeps who always follow the crowd even though the path leads them to the dark place.

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Día 314: Reflejos de calma . . #desafio365dias #canon #t5i #365photochallenge

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Día 313: En la orilla . . #desafio365dias #canon #t5i #365photochallenge

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Día 306: Atardeceres campestres . . #desafio365dias #canon #t5i #365photochallenge

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The Canongate Toolboth (built in 1591) is one of my favourite historic landmark of the Old Town area of Edinburgh. At night it’s so suggestive that it feels like being back in time when it was first built ⏱

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Día 305: Summer vibes . . #desafio365dias #canon #t5i #365photochallenge

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Día 304: Rastros de lluvia . . #desafio365dias #canon #t5i #365photochallenge

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Día 303: Amenazante . . #desafio365dias #canon #t5i #365photochallenge

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Postcard from Edinburgh 📷

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