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Go watch the #Señorita Behind-The-Scenes now on youtube. Part two coming tomorrow x

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I’m thinking about being in 9th grade right now. The day after I posted one of my first covers onto YouTube back in 2014.. at school walking down the hall straight into a group of older guys yelling out “sing for me Shawn sing for me!” In a way that made me feel absolutely horrible... made me feel like a joke, like what I was doing was just stupid & wrong. I was lucky though, I had the best friends & the best parents anyone could ask for... no matter what they would never let me stop doing what I LOVED to do just because someone ELSE thought it was stupid. It’s not joke to me. To make someone feel bad about doing what they love... every single person deserves to do what makes them feel alive. I’m writing this not only to the 15 year old kid who’s scared to follow their heart because of what people might say but also to the 50 year old who may be doing the exact same thing. I know it’s not just that easy & I’m not asking you to change your world over night, BUT I want you to know that no matter how old you are, no matter who you are, no matter where you’re from... you deserve to follow your heart Im here & i’m rooting for you

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My favourite moment of every show. I love you guys with all my heart. Thank you for loving, singing and letting go with me every night.. ♥️

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Thank you @vmagazine for doing this amazing shoot!! X

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Señorita... @camila_cabello 🖤🌹

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#Señorita video out now!

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‪Go stream & download #Señorita now! Link in bio x

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#Señorita video with @camila_cabello midnight ET tonight! Join us for the premiere on YouTube starting at 10pm & chat at 11pm ET x

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Vancouver thank you 💙🌸

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Thank you so much Portland. The show was crazy tonight, thank you for your patience with the sound problems!! Love you x

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