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This is it guys👊🏼⚡🤗 The super camera phone everyone’s been waiting for, #HuaweiP30 Series will be finally launched in Indonesia🔥 @huaweimobileid . When ? 👉🏼 April 20, 2019 , sales launch event start from 11 am . Where? 👉🏼 Centre Atrium, Taman Anggrek Mall . What’s the perks? 👉🏼 Getting up close and personal with me as I’ll be there☺ Don’t be shy, come and say hi, ask me anything about my #ReWriteTheRules of photography experience with this phone😊 For example, I took this photo in Maldives hand held in HDR mode and boy I was impressed! Then I zoomed the jetty in to show the grandeur of the setting sun (swipe left for 2nd photo) What do you think? . 👉🏼Those who missed the pre-order can purchase P30 series on this day on the spot. Also, don’t forget for you who joined the PO yesterday, it's the day to get your Free Huawei Watch GT for the first 180 PO buyers who queue, so start queuing up early🏃🏻‍♂🏃🏻‍♀ ⚡⏰ . See you on April 20 👋🏼👩🏻 . .

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Unforgettable night in Positano✨ #sassychris1 #sassychris1italy .

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Hi guys🤗 by now I am sure you’re so pumped up to see #HuaweiP30 Series with your own eyes, especially the Breathing Crystal that I am holding here. It changes colors under the sun light☀ Pearl white, sky blue, cherry blossom pink til shiny violet, I would call this color a unicorn color🦄😃 . I’d like to remind you to join the pre-order of Huawei P30 pro on our roadshow from 16th of April until the 19th of April, or pre-order directly at Huawei high-end experience shop at Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta until the 19th of April. Make sure to be the first 180 pre-order consumers to queue up at Huawei sales launch that will start when the mall is open and queue up at Center Atrium Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta! You will get a Huawei Watch GT worth 2,499k 👊🏼 . I am sure you’re curious about the watch also😊 so what are you waiting for? Let’s get going! . @huaweimobileid #ReWriteTheRules .

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Who would rather be here right now?🌴💦☀️🤗 Crystal clear water @stregismaldives 😃 Have a blessed Sunday dear all😊 . #LiveExquisite #StRegisMaldives #SRPartner #sassychris1 . Captured with @nikonindonesia Z7 paired with Nikkor 16-35mm f/4 G ED VR . #inibarumirrorless #yukmulaimotret #nikonindonesia #sassychris1maldives #forbestravelguide #tlpicks #beautifulhotels #beautifuldestinations #wonderful_places #beachesnresorts #iamtraveler #uniquehotels #hotelsandresorts . . .

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BREAKING NEWS✨⚡️I am delighted to announce that HUAWEI’s flagship store in Indonesia, HUAWEI’s High End Experience Shop is now open at Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta on the 3rd floor🙌🏻😃 You can also pre order it now😊 Those who are curious about the price, it's 12,999k for P30 Pro and 9,999k for P30✨ Those who join the pre-order of Huawei P30 pro, you'll get bundling package with Huawei wireless charger and Huawei Band 3 Pro which worth more than 2 million👌🏻 . There is one more exciting news, if you pre-order at the Huawei high-end experience shop from 12-19th of April, or pre-order at the Huawei roadshow during 16-19th of April also at Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta, . the first 180 consumers to do the purchase and redeem at Huawei sales launch on 20th April at 12:00 noon in the Center Atrium Mall Taman Anggrek Jakarta will get a Huawei Watch GT worth 2,499k 👊🏼 . Come and visit to experience the amazing #HuaweiP30 series🙌🏻 . Perhaps you would like to try how you can shoot in a low light situation and get this result as I did💪🏼😃 . # @huaweimobileid #ReWriteTheRules

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When the sun goes down, it feels magical at @stregismaldives 💕pictured here are the over water villas.....tag someone whom you’d like to bring here☺️ . #LiveExquisite #StRegisMaldives #SRPartner #sassychris1 . Captured with @nikonindonesia Z7 paired with Nikkor 16-35mm f/4 G ED VR @nisifiltersindonesia GND Soft 0.9 . #inibarumirrorless #yukmulaimotret #nikonindonesia #nisifiltersindonesia #sassychris1maldives #forbestravelguide #tlpicks #beautifulhotels #beautifuldestinations #wonderful_places #beachesnresorts #iamtraveler #uniquehotels #hotelsandresorts . . .

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Stoked to be back at the best address in Maldives @stregismaldives 💕 where I could see so many magical colors all at once🌈 cotton candy skies ☁️ and the see-through tosca sea waters 💚 for once I thought I was in la-la-land! #LiveExquisite #StRegisMaldives #SRPartner #sassychris1 . Captured with @nikonindonesia Z7 paired with Nikkor 16-35mm f/4 G ED VR @nisifiltersindonesia GND Soft 0.9 . #sassychris1maldives #forbestravelguide #tlpicks #beautifulhotels #beautifuldestinations #wonderful_places #beachesnresorts #iamtraveler #uniquehotels #hotelsandresorts . . .

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Hello Jakartans, do you even know we can see a mountain through our concrete jungle in Jakarta? :) Swipe for the zoomed result. Thanks to its AIS and OIS in #HuaweiP30 pro, great resolution and rich details are achieved. Now I can see the never-before-seen anything! Photos are taken with ultra wide, 1X, 5X optical zoom, and 10X hybrid zoom within one simple tap on HDR mode. I have even took a super moon shot with 50x digital zoom with it, which image I will share with you soon! My new #HuaweiP30 Pro truly brings the world closer. Get your very own #HuaweiP30 Pro by joining the #IWantHuaweiP30Pro Contest at @huaweimobileid

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One of the very most charming town along the Romantik Road, Bavaria💕 .

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