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Matt Oliphant climbs 100 meters out of the incredible 7th Hole cave. The Selma Plateau is home to a series of huge, spectacular caves including this one. Shot on assignment for @natgeo going into these towering underground spaces was awe inspiring. #oman #explore #cave @natgeoimagecollection @natgeotravel @gregory.crouch

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Huge #Respect for @pedromcbride and @kevinfedarkoauthor on their epic 13 month walk through the interior of the Grand Canyon. The North Rim of the Grand Canyon is one of the most remote areas of the continental US and the two of them absolutely brought the place to life. Go see #IntotheCanyon ! It is incredible #grandcanyon

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I'm in awe of what my friend @pedromcbride accomplished in the Grand Canyon. Not only is he one of the few people who has walked its length, he brought a poetry to the images that he made along the way that leave me -frankly- jealous. I can't wait to see the film tonight! | Photo by @pedromcbride |There are more people that have stood on the surface of the moon than walked through the length of Grand Canyon -- because it is long, hard and there is no trail. @pedromcbride and @kevinfekarkoauthor chose the challenge of hiking the length of this iconic national park for @natgeo because he wanted to document the place before it potentially changes from growing developments surrounding it. 13 months and 750-miles later, his new film #IntotheCanyon is premiering on @natgeochannel February 21st at 8 PM EST.  To learn more, follow @pedromcbride. #grandcanyon #IntoTheCanyon #petemcbride

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@NatGeo has hit 100M followers! This picture from Majlis al Jinn cave in the Sultanate of Oman is one of my most popular photos on @natgeo. I’ve had the privilege to be posting to the feed since the start. I remember the days when we were hoping we could build the feed to 1 million follower. Now we are at 100M! Ever wanted to post to the @natgeo feed? Now’s your chance. As a thanks to their supporters,  @NatGeo is having a contest, and a lucky winner will get a photo trip to Tanzania! Here are the details: 24 hrs only, starting at 10AM Eastern US time (GMT-5) on Feb 19 (NOW!). Simply post your most NatGeo inspired photo on your own feed using the hashtag  #NatGeo100Contest. The top 10 photos will be posted on  @NatGeo, and the winner gets a photo trip to Tanzania

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Its rained hard in Tennessee since I've been home. Foster Falls was running high and beautiful yesterday. We only had a short break between showers. #superslowmotion

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I love this time of the winter when the Sandhill Cranes come to Tennessee. These four and half foot tall birds seem almost prehistoric to me. The first time I went to the Hiwasse Refuge in the late 1990s there might have been a few hundred bird. Now we have more than 14,000 that overwinter here. #crane

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The 36,000-year-old paintings in Chauvet are incredible. It is not just their state of preservation, it is that they record a lost world. Bison, Aurochs, Lions and, Rhinoceros are all recorded on the cave's walls. Caves often act as time capsules preserving what things were like in the past. In the case of Chauvet we have an evocative record of what long-extinct animals looked like recorded by attentive artists. There is one detail that sometimes gets overlooked about this cave. The wall is covered by scratch marks from cave bears (Ursus spelaeus). These huge bears hibernated in caves and presumably left the scratch marks while stretching when they wokeup. Seeing the paintings in Chauvet was a profound experience and led me to create the non-profit @ancientartarchive. We use 3D and VR technology to share the experience of standing in front of ancient artworks.

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The Lion Panel of Chauvet in 3D! Photographing these 36,000 year old paintings was a life changing event. In that cave I felt 36,000 years collapse and the artists who made those paintings speak straight to me across that unimaginable gulf of time. That is really when I started the @ancientartarchive. I wanted to use 3D technology to share that experience. #Chauvet @thephotosociety @natgeoimagecollection @ancientartarchive

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The Milkyway wheels behind a rock art panel in the Bears Ears National Monument. I'd first tried to shoot this sequence in early 2017 and it took me 2 years to get back to it. However, as dawn broke after spending all night up I might have made a better image. Check out the @natgeo and @ancientartarchive feeds for that photo! #visitwithrespect #bearsears

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Random encounters with wildlife. A kit fox waits on the side of a dry wash in Nevada's Basin and Range National Monument. I love watching these beautiful and elusive animals. #fox #nevada

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My love of the night sky continues with this timelapse from the Basin and Range National Monument. I spent the last few weeks in the west scouting locations for an @insidenatgeo grant to look at rock art in 8 National Monuments. #BasinandRange is increadible! See more from my trip o @ancientartarchive.

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Morning on the Carrizo Plain | Photo by @salvarezphoto (Stephen Alvarez) I'm excited to announce a photography workshop at Chico Basin Ranch in Colorado May 19-24. Come spend 6 days working on your vision. Details Below PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP with Stephen Alvarez Ranchlands Camp, Chico Basin Ranch, Colorado May 19-24  This spring 2019, Stephen will lead an immersive photography workshop at Chico Basin Ranch. Spend a week exploring photography, wildlife and the subtle landscape of the high prairie. The workshop will be a deep dive into ways of seeing the lifecycle of an 87,000 acre working ranch. Discover and hone your vision through tailored assignments, group and individual image reviews all while basking in the tranquility and hospitality of Chico Basin Ranch. Cost: $2,995 pp includes all meals, activities, and private furnished tent. For details or to book contact stay @ranchlands.com

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