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Manitou Cave, Alabama The Cherokee were the only Native American group to develop a written language. Cherokee Syllabary, as the writing is known, was developed by Cherokee leader Sequoyah in the late 1810s. Some of the first examples of Cherokee Syllabary have been discovered in Alabama’s Manitou Cave. This inscription dates from the beginning of the forced relocation of Native Americans known as the Trail of Tears. The inscription is a vivid reminder of how complex Native American culture is. This image was recorded as part of my non profit’s ( @ancientartarchive) work in documenting the cave and its inscriptions. #cherokee #cave

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Hundreds of birds fly over Duce Atol in the South Pacific. Happy Earth Day! A beautiful scene like this is a bit deceptive. Even though Duce Atoll is one of the most remote islands on earth its surface is covered with plastic litter. Contemplating our species addiction to single use plastics can be daunting. On this Earth day I encourage everyone to rejoice in the beauty of our world and pick one thing you can do to help the planet. Fashion designer @theinfiniteresort has pledged to use fabrics made from recycled plastic in her designs and donate to conservation with the proceeds. That's a start and a great way to celebrate earthday.

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Just crushed by the loss of this beautiful building. A Cathedral built on top of a Roman ruin, built on a Celtic town, Notre Dame encapsulates the history of Paris. The Cathedral is literally the center of France. For a brief, magical time I lived with my wife and children just a few blocks away on the edge of the Marais. No day was complete without a glimpse of Our Lady. #Paris #NotreDame

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A white tip reef shark patrols the waters of the Tuamoto Archipelago. This particular morning I had 3 circling me. They are beautiful, graceful animals who hunt in the shallow waters around islands fringe reef. Shot on assignment with @natgeotravel #pacific #shark

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A tired, well worn, plastic army man found amoung the trash on the beach at Henderson Island in the South Pacific. How did he get here? Did he fall off a ship or get washed out of a landfill? Henderson is one of the most remote islands in the world. It is many days sail from the nearest inhabited land mass but even here plastic litters the beach. The South Pacific gyre concentrates floating trash in a vast garbage patch that really brings home how much plastic we throw out. One study estimates that 3500 pieces of plastic arrive on Henderson's shores every day. #planetorplastic #pacific #hendersonisland

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There were just so many hermit crabs under the trees in the Tahanea Atol. They slowly crawled across the ground to scavenge anything that that could possibly be food. The little red crabs climbed on top of each other in a pile. When I approached, the mob slowly broke up but the largest of the group stayed behind to scape the meat out of this coconut shell. #pacific #crab

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Swimming with reef sharks in the Tuamotus. I'm not an underwater photographer, much less a filmmaker. I will leave that hard work to other more talented people. This was a wonderful moment this afternoon that I got to share with a white tipped reef shark. #shark

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St Paul's Pool on Pitcairn Island Its mesmerizing, the waves crashing into St Paul's pool. The relentless energy of the ocean never ceases to amaze me. I came to Pitcairn knowing about the Bounty and the descendants of the mutineers who call it home. What I was unprepared for is how beautiful the island is. #slowmotion video shot on assignment for @natgeotravel

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Ahu Tongariki, Rapa Nui Another glorious dawn on Rapa Nui. #rapanui #tongariki

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A fishing boat makes it's way through the Straights of Magellan in Chilean Patagonia. I'm happy to be back in Chile for the first few days of fall even though I'm headed in a very different direction. #patagonia #chile

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Llamas crowd the trail at the Incan Citidel of Machupicchu. This "lost" city was rediscovered by @natgeo teo explorer Hiram Bingham. Of course to the Inca it was never lost, just unknown to the outside world. #machupicchu #llamasofinstagram

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So happy to be headed back to this magical place for @natgeotravel Wheels up in just a few hours #rapanui

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