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Watershed - the Source: This pristine lake is the headwaters of a tributary to the Colorado River which amazingly supplies drinking water to 40 million downstream across seven states and two countries. It is some of the “most loved and litigated water” in the world. #chasingrivers #wilderness #nature #water #colorado 📷 @pedromcbride #petemcbride

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Running Blue: The naturally turquoise-colored Little Colorado River flows north through Marble Canyon as @richrudow and #kellyMcGrath look for an entrance. I’m excited to share stories about this magical realm and my new book with @rainydaybooks tonight in Kansas. For those in the area, come join us for the talk & book signing. 7 PM. To learn more about the book (great holiday gift 😊), check bio link. #grandcanyon #betweenriverandrim @rizzolibooks #nature #gratitude #wilderness #petemcbride 📷 @pedromcbride

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It is remarkable what we can overcome with some spirit, a little support and the splashy nudge from our wild places like the Grand Canyon. Imagine kayaking through this — Blind. Great short story 🎥 by my friends at @teamriverrunner who do this amazing work with #veterans plus @senderfilms @sandy.russellc @jamesqmartin who captured it all. #happyvetereansday #grandcanyon #kayaking #blind #graritude

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Hockey Heaven: I’ve skated and chased hockey pucks most of my life, but nothing compares to playing on the natural, black ice of the Rocky Mountains, a rare phenomenon. #wilderness #pondhockey #nature #blackice #colorado #skating #gratitude #sonyalpha 📷 #petemcbride

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Turquoise Mirror: Paddling the icy waters of Antarctica’s changing, melting world was as haunting as beautiful. The western peninsula’s temperatures are spiking, changing the landscape and ecosystem that evolved there - collapsing penguin colonies and more. Scientists can’t predict the consequences yet because the rate of change is too fast. #flashbackfriday #reflection #nature #adventure #blue #climatechange #Antarctica 📷 #petemcbride

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Stillness: Excited to talk about silence and the power of place tonight at the @tatteredcoverbookstore with some legendary hiking authors. For those in the Denver area, join us. Book signing to follow. #grandcanyon #betweenriverandrim To learn more, see the link in my bio. #gratitude 📷 #petemcbride

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Water, rock, and time the ingredients for magic. I’ll be talking about the power of these elements - and the power of parks and trails tomorrow night for my new book signing in Denver with @rizzolibooks at @tatteredcoverbookstore. For those in the area - join us. It’s Free. #grandcanyon #betweenriverandrimbook #gratitude

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"Window Seat Please": I’m always amazed by the bird’s eye perspective. On a recent flight home from Arizona to the Rocky Mountains, we visited a painted desert ( #1), the dwindling water supply of PHX, the largest impact site from a meteor ( #3), Monument Valley ( #4, 5), and the snow covered Rockies 6). What a world we all share. Favorite Window snap? I suspect my friends @renan_ozturk and @chrisburkard get window seats too. #aerial #nature #chasingrivers #gratitude

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No matter where you are this fall, take the path to go #vote. Democracy is all about who shows up. #privilege #right #responsibility #november6

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It is shocking to hear that China has decided to reverse its 25-year-old ban on the sale and use of rhinoceros and tiger products. The reversal allows for these products to be used in medical research or healing, which have long since proven to have no benefits to humans. Overturning the ban would allow poachers and smugglers to hide behind any legalised trade. Wild tiger and rhino populations are remarkably low, with fewer than 4,000 tigers and 30,000 rhinos remaining in the wild today. Images by @pedrombride - locations — #1 @lewa_wildlife #2, 3 @nrt_kenya members keep a protective eye on their black rhino orphan, one of 15 rhinos at the locally-run Sera Conservancy which is working with #lewa to bring back these animals after poachers wiped them from area. #conservation #rhino #nature #petemcbride

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Happy Halloween! #moon #luna #gratitude

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First snow: I love the dance of the seasons. #home #fall #happyhalloween #winteriscoming #nature 📷 #petemcbride

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