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Drainage Feather: I’m honored to present my work about water, public lands and the Grand Canyon at the The World Economic Forum next week in Davos. Water is a huge economic driver as evidence by the the Colorado River which no longer completes its journey to the Sea of Cortez in México. In its wake are the drainage patterns and abandoned businesses that remind us of wetter, more abundant times before a changing climate and over allocation left their arid mark on this lifeline. #chasingrivers #nature #aerial #coloradoriver #climatechange #water 📷 @pedromcbride #petemcbride

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Dreams of olas. I love riding waves no matter how rare it is. Single-use plastic bottles are making pristine plastic-free beaches rare as well. 📷 by #petemcbride #planetnotplastic #pacific #underwater #nature #ocean #waves @sealegacy

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Wrinkles in Time. I’m honored to learn that my book on the Grand Canyon was just named as one of 2018 Southwest Books of the Year! The judges wrote: "One of the most spectacular and unique photographic records of the Grand Canyon ever produced.” I hope we can all keep this iconic national treasure intact as good stewards while the park functions under limited support. To learn more about the book #GrandCanyon #BetweenRiverandRim check my bio link. @rizzolibooks #gratitude #humbled #nature #aerial photo by @pedromcbride #petemcbride

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I just spun another lap around the sun - so here is an old shot from my first @natgeo assignment before I added a couple decades of sun squints, wrinkles, and laughs with friends far and near. Here’s to more years of storytelling about our the beauty and risks of our great blue planet - and smiling while doing it. Thanks to all the friends, family and sponsors who have supported my work and kept me going. HBD fellow Capricorn @sadiequarrier 📷 by my Masai friend’s brother who figured out my camera in 2 secs. #kenya #africa #gratitude #archive #lightmeter #necklace #slidefilm #petemcbride

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As the colors of 2018 set, I look back at a place where I marveled at many a sunrise and sunset, regretting none. I spent hundreds of hours inside the puzzles of rock and time deep in the Grand Canyon — walking its entire length and returning for more to celebrate this world of scale and silence — and what wilderness can teach us. May your 2019 be filled with color, health and sublime beauty. To learn more about my book, see my bio link. Film “Into the Canyon” coming soon in 2019. #happynewyear #happy2019 #grandcanyon #betweenriverandrim #nature #parks #publiclands #petemcbride

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A look back at 2018 reveals moments of shock, wonder, hard work and awe while focusing a lens on our beautiful, changing planet. Thanks everyone for following the journey. These are some of your favorites. 1. My town nearly burning down, image shot from my front door. 2. Hockey Heaven black ice skate 3. From my new book on the Grand Canyon (info in bio link) 4&5. Conservation work in Kenya with @nrt_kenya 6. Taking the leap into the new year (a bad flip by me launching into Antarctica’s warming waters). Thanks to all who enable and help these projects come together. @michellescreative @mclain.david @rizzolibooks @natgeo #Sonyalpha #happynewyear #gatitude #nature #conservation #2018 #2019 All photos by @pedromcbride #petemcbride

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The most valuable gift for me is time. Nothing showcases it more than these ancient time machines seated next to the city with “too many wheels” as one wonderful Egyptian described Cairo’s streets. #happyholidays #archive #pyramids #aerial #time #travel #Africa #egypt 📷 by @pedromcbride #Petemcbride

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Have a peaceful paddle wherever you are this holiday season. #happyholidays #nature 📷 #petemcbride

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Happy Solstice: Excited to chase the light to brighter days —or starrier nights if south of the equator. #solstice #nightsky #nature #gratitude

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Window into the ages: The mysterious, hidden slots and oasis that form the subway system of the Grand Canyon — are pure magic. This image is the back cover of my book which I’m honored and humbled that it is already in its third print run. To find one for The holidays, check out the link in my bio. @newyorkermag said: The Grand Canyon: Between River and Rim… aims to capture not just the familiar grandeur but also some of the fragile idiosyncrasies of the between-lands, as an argument for leaving them alone.” Thanks. #gratitude #grandcanyon #betweenriverandrim #nature #adventure #publiclands #nationalparks

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Morning migration: flocks of early birds fill the pre-dawn light along the Rio Grande River. Their chatty song is one more reason to rise early. #nature #light #birds #flight #sonyalpha 📷 #petemcbride

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Delicately dancing our way into the Valley of Silence - hoping not to wake the avalanche spirits. #internationalmountainday #nepal #nature #kumbu #himalaya #chomolungma #everest 📷 #PeteMcBride

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