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Say Cheese! 🌎🌍🌏 Happy Earth Day to all of you! Today is a day we celebrate all this beautiful world has to offer. While we’ve brought to light many issues plaguing our planet in recent days, today we appreciate the natural wonder that fills so much of us with joy, hope, and happiness. Tag someone that should see this! Follow 👉 @ourplanetdaily for more! Photo by via © 18forevertilldeath1 on © Imgur via © @wildlife.tigers

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Heart wrenching footage of Cleopatra’s nine month old calf beside her dead mother who succumbed to an infection in Buffalo Springs National Reserve earlier this week. Our team immediately notified the Samburu vet and Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) team who rushed to the scene. As the calf was getting dehydrated from being in the scorching sun, KWS decided to send her to @r.e.s.c.u.e where she is receiving care. The 54 year old mother of seven was the matriarch of the ‘Royals’ family - the largest and most dominant herd known to us - a responsibility she shared with her sister Anastasia. We will keep you posted on her calf's progress. #RIPCleopatra. Footage: Gilbert Sabinga Video and Caption via © @savetheelephants Follow 👉 @ourplanetdaily for more! Tag someone that should see this! 👇🏼

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We teamed up with @followyourlegend, the creators of the Legend Bracelet. Click the link in our bio to get yours 20% OFF, Earth Day Sale ends today! 🌍 You can fill the empty capsule with sand / earth from somewhere special. Made from eco-friendly cork tree material.  Each bracelet helps fund scientific research to protect the environment. 🌲 #legendbracelet #followyourlegend

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Friends or foes? 🤔 What do you think? Video via © @africanimals Follow 👉 @ourplanetdaily for more! Tag someone that should see this! 👇🏼

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Photography/Caption by @wildwildwestphotography This was a SUPER hard shoot for me, as I watched 12 people firing off their equipment at 2 Lynx Kittens that kept crossing the road, and because of my broken back, I couldn't join in on the frenzy & all I could do was watch, until.... One of the kittens came out of the bush were Cindy and I were parked, a good 60' from where it had entered. Sooooo, I was in the passenger side parked east on an east west road, and the kitten came at us from the north (drivers side) heading south, which had my head spinning for sure. Now remember, I have 2 fractures in my back and I can't just hop out, so I very slowly slid out from the truck, all the while freaking out that I wouldn't slip on the iced up road. Anyways i could go on and on because I'm still pumped all to heck, and even though I had to shoot using my truck door to steady my gear, not to mention that I broke all laws by shooting over the hot hood of my truck re hear blur, I still had the time of my life. This kitten would be approximately 9 months old and I hope you enjoy him as much as I did. Follow 👉 @ourplanetdaily for more! Tag someone that should see this!

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The most intense street fight you will ever see.. Komodo fight! 🦖. . Komodo dragons (Varanus Komodoensisare) the largest living lizards in the world. . Members of the monitor family, Komodo dragons are the largest and most lethal lizards on earth. Adults regularly live up to 50 years and reach more than 10 feet in length. Only in 2009 did researchers discover that the dragons are venomous; it was previously thought that the high level of bacteria in the mouth was the primary cause of deaths after a bite. . In 1991 the Komodo National Park was named a UNESCO World Heritage Site to protect the fragile environment and endangered Komodo dragon population. . Biologists estimate that less than 5,000 Komodo Dragons exist in the wild; around 1,300 are thought to live on Rinca Island. Komodo Dragons are known to exist only in five places in East Nusa Tenggara: Gili Motang, Gili Dasami, Komodo, Rinca, and in Flores. . Video by @apri.llio Follow 👉 @ourplanetdaily for more! Tag someone that should see this! 👇🏼

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SOUND UP! This insanely Satisfying Video shows a Lava Breakout in Kilauea, Hawaii that happened in recent months. A truly stunning sight to see! Curious Fact: Lava can be between 1300 and 2200 degrees Fahrenheit! DO NOT TOUCH! Tag someone who would love this! 👇🏼 Videography by © @epiclava_ 🔥

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Elegant flying bobcat, until the landing. Amazing Bobcat Facts: We are very happy to start this by saying Bobcats are listed as ‘Least Concern’ on the IUCN Red List! Bobcats, as seen in this video, can jump up to 10 FEET in length while in the air! Such beautiful creatures! Yellowstone, Wyoming, USA 🇺🇸 🎥 by © BBC in © BBC Planet Earth II with Music by © MOONDJI - ‘One Breath’

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How come we can raise 1 billion dollars in 2 days for the reconstruction of the Notre Dame, but no one blinks an eye when there's a threat that the Nothern White Rhino is about to go extinct? Follow @ourplanetdaily for more!❤️ Photo via © @helpingrhinos Tag someone that should see this! 👇🏼

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Friendship with a Lion🦁 Follow @ourplanetdaily for more!⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ “Empathy is the key🗝 to be able to communicate & build a bond with such an animal🦁 you first need to understand it and then become that animal🐾🦁 It takes a lot of time, patience and understanding but once that bond is built, it will be unbreakable💪🏼👊🏼❤️ Let me know what you think about that? 🤷🏼‍♂️👇🏼“⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀ Tag someone that should see this!👇 🎥 and Caption by @dean.schneider

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LOOK CLOSELY: Portrait of an American Bison 🐗 In viewing this photo, many people see what they describe as an ‘explosion in water’, or something of artistic expression rather than a Bison. A truly remarkable capture of a truly remarkable animal! Tag someone who should see this! Follow 👉 @ourplanetdaily for more! Photo by © Tom Murphy via © @afsalliance

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How many Ladybugs can you count? 🐞 Photo by © @neo.belaya Follow 👉 @ourplanetdaily for more! Tag someone that should see this!

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