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I will be forever grateful for Sarah Michelle Gellar’s ( @sarahmgellar) performance in IKWYDLS. (via @netflixfilm)

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brb having an emotional reaction to @gavinleatherwood having an emotional reaction to @gregoryalanisakov #WhoIStan

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@netflixfamily has me crushing on @hereisgina all decked out as Carmen SanDiego. 😍

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@emmatmackey had a long time to get to know @asabopp so I trust her when she describes his spirit animal: "he is known for being a bit of a prankster and he loves his sleep so I think he would make an excellent Koala." 📸 by @theresamarx for #GlamstheticSeries

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French born @emmatmackey (aka our resident Margot Robbie doppelgänger) plays the brilliant and badass Maeve in Sex Education. And, according to costar @ncutigatwa that description is pretty apt for Emma herself: “Emma is fiercely intelligent and as much as she’s this classic French beauty... I wouldn’t mess with her. She’s pretty hard mate” 📸 by @theresamarx for #GlamstheticSeries

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This is the beautiful, bold, cast of Sex Education. These three spent weeks shooting a show that unflinchingly speaks to the diverse sex lives of young adults, and truthfully it sounds like every day was a blast. @Ncutigatwa says of his favorite scene: “... when Otis and Eric run to tell Maeve they have Sex pretzels. It was just a lot fun because the characters are so excited and it was nice to play off that energy. Ben (director) and I have a naughtiness dial (the dial is invisible and exists in our heads) whereby I’m allowed to ad-lib and he kept turning it up at every take. Needless to say they didn’t all make the cut but it made shooting that day very fun.” 📸 by @theresamarx for #GlamstheticSeries

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Must love dogs

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Me, receiving a notification that KJ Apa has shared a new photo

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The ten year challenge, except it’s the first episode and last episode of Friends.

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Space Force!!!!! From The Office’s Greg Daniels and Steve Carell, coming soon.

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*chills* when I see these badass women supporting each other. Say it with me now: it’s my vagina.

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Yes, I am using Marie Kondo’s tidying philosophy to drag myself.

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