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Photo by Stephen Wilkes @stephenwilkes | Scouting the incredible landscape of Iceland, I couldn’t believe how the weather changed minute by minute. In between the clouds and snow, gorgeous rays of sunlight appeared for a few short seconds. To see more photos from my travels near and far, follow me @stephenwilkes. #DayToNight #StephenWilkes #DayToNight #BTS #Rural

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Photo by Rena Effendi @renaeffendiphoto // sponsored by @NespressoUSA // A schoolgirl on her spring break comes to support her mother’s work at the dry coffee mill in Yirga Che’efē, Ethiopia. Once the dry cherries are hulled by the machine, the beans are laid out on raised beds made of mesh and bamboo. Women sort them by hand, picking out the defective beans. I was told women are best at this job, because they are much faster than men and their attention to detail is remarkable. It’s astonishing to see how much coffee cultivation still depends on the human eye. // National Geographic photographer @renaeffendiphoto travels to Colombia, Indonesia, and Ethiopia to uncover @NespressoUSA coffee stories #beyondthebean #DiscoverNespresso

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Photo by Andy Mann @andy_mann | A beautiful, and pregnant, oceanic whitetip shark cruises from a deep bank into the shallows to say hello. I've spent most of my career as an underwater photographer documenting this endangered western Atlantic population, and every time I see one in the water I'm left in awe of its grace, power, and beauty. Once considered the most abundant large predator on the planet, oceanic whitetip populations have declined as much as 95 percent in some studies, due to its susceptibility to longline fishing and value in the shark fin soup industry. I'm grateful for the Bahamas' nationwide protection of all shark species, so moments like this can be experienced by others. Please follow me @andy_mann for more stories from the wilder side of our blue planet.

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Photo by Muhammed Muheisen @mmuheisen | Carpets of tulip fields in Den Helder, The Netherlands. For more photos and videos from different parts of the world, follow me @mmuheisen and @mmuheisenpublic #muhammedmuheisen #denhelder #netherlands

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Video by Matthieu Paley @paleyphoto | Heavy smog veils the downtown area of Mongolia’s capital, Ulaanbaatar. From the United States and Germany to India and China, air pollution cuts short an estimated seven million lives globally every year, according to the World Health Organization. In winter, coal stoves and power plants regularly choke Ulaanbaatar with smoke—and lung disease. The smell is acrid and inescapable. This winter authorities closed the capital’s schools for two full months, from mid-December to mid-February, in a desperate attempt to shield children from the toxic air. It’s unclear how effective that measure is. On bad days, handheld pollution monitors max out, as readings soar dozens of times beyond recommended limits. Levels of the tiniest and most dangerous airborne particles, known as PM2.5, once hit 133 times the World Health Organization’s suggested maximum. This video is part of a story I recently shot for @natgeo cities issue. Please visit my profile @paleyphoto for a link to the story. #climatechange #airpollution #mongolia #ulaanbaatar #fossilfuel

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Photo by Beverly Joubert @beverlyjoubert | It's the end for a male red lechwe. It's a remarkable thing that lions can catch an antelope that is so well adapted to water and can run through swamps at enormous speed. However, the Okavango lions won't waste unnecessary energy and know exactly when they have the best chance. The sharp crack of horn against horn echoing across the plains lets the lions know that there are lechwe fighting for dominance, territory, and a female herd. These territorial disputes are so intense that the lechwe tend to forget everything except their immediate opponent—and often don't see a sneaking lion until it's too late. #Okavangolions #ThisIsMyTrophy #TsaroPride #CircleofLife

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Photo by Ira Block @irablockphoto | In the fog, Bear Island looks mysterious and prehistoric. Bear Island is located in Norway's Svalbard Archipelago, 235 kilometers (146 miles) south of Spitsbergen. Uninhabited, except for a weather station, it is home to many breeding and migratory sea birds. #followme @irablockphoto to see more images of the world. @thephotosociety #bearisland #norway #svalbard #spitsbergen

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Photo by Renan Ozturk @renan_ozturk | Why do you climb? Answering that age-old question "Why risk it all for mountains?" is so hard. Climbing recently with Necdet Turhan, Turkey’s first blind climber to do five summits on five continents, all without the visual payoff, gave me a deeper appreciation of the full sensory experience of why we love to be in the mountains—and how to approach that question in a more complete way. See @renan_ozturk for more images from this story and mountain experiences on the fringe.

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Photo by Martin Schoeller @martinschoeller | From an interview series I did with New York City religious leaders. This is Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf. Religion: Sufi Islam. "We are created by God from a little bit of God's own essence. In Christianity, Judaism, and Islam we believe that the human being was created in the divine image. We are God's representatives on Earth. So when you think of yourself that way, then you have a much, much greater responsibility. God did not send Jesus’s religion. God did not send Moses with a different religion. He didn’t send everybody with a different religion. No, they all came to teach about the same God. It's one religion. Muhammad, Jesus, and Moses are like regional managers. It's God's religion, all of them are ... Jesus didn't come to preach Christianity, he came to teach the children of Israel how to remember God better. He was a Jewish revivalist. Same with Muhammad; he didn't come to change to a new religion. He came to remind people what God was telling us all along. We are the ones who have created different religions. Prophets came to teach the one religion–how to worship God, to love God and to love each other." For more pictures and stories, follow me @martinschoeller

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Photo by Ami Vitale @amivitale | Rahima Begum holds her one-day-old baby inside a slum in Dhaka, Bangladesh. She had been displaced because of rising waters and a changing climate and forced to migrate to Dhaka. Bangladesh is among the most densely populated countries in the world; 28,000 people live in each square kilometer in the capital of Dhaka. The slum has no permanent sanitation or sewage facilities. As sea levels and temperatures rise, bringing greater and more destructive storms and droughts, there is increasing awareness of climate refugees, whose numbers could far surpass refugees driven by conflict. Currently there are no legal protections for those displaced by climate, and the penalty for inaction on climate change grows more severe every year. It will be felt most by those who least contribute to global warming. To learn more, follow @friendshipngo @amivitale and others working on the front lines. @everydayrefugees #refugees #bangladesh #climatechange

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Photos by Tim Laman @timlaman | Birds of paradise have a reason to celebrate this year on Earth Day: the Province of West Papua, where 16 of the 40 birds of paradise are found, has declared its commitment to set aside 70% of the land as protected forest! Swipe to see four of the species found only in West Papua, Indonesia: Vogelkop superb, red, Wilson’s, and western parotia. See more @TimLaman as we celebrate this Earth Day! Birds of paradise are the global ambassadors for conservation of the forests of Papua. #conservationprovince #TanahPapua #papua #Indonesia #birdofparadise @BirdsofParadiseProject

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Photo by @BrianSkerry // Sponsored by @makersmark // A leatherback turtle hatchling crawls toward the sea at sunset, after digging out of its nest at the Sandy Point National Wildlife Refuge in St. Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands. I spent weeks here, photographing female leatherbacks emerging from the night ocean, and I vividly recall the primordial sound of their breathing as they labored to dig their nests. Hatchlings appear about 60 days later. This species’ lineage is older than dinosaurs, dating back 100 million years. They once crawled from the sea and saw T. rex. Today, in some locations, they see condominiums. // This Earth Day, @makersmark is on a mission to remove 75,000 pounds of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways. Explore #CocktailsForCleanups to join a cleanup near you and help create change. Because without water there could be no life on Earth. And no bourbon. Maker’s Mark should be enjoyed by adults of legal purchase age for alcohol. MADE WITH CARE. SIP WITH CARE.™ Bourbon 45%abv. Maker’s Mark Distillery, Loretto, KY.

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