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Photo by @TimLaman | Male Red Bird-of-Paradise high in the canopy of Waigeo Island, poses on his display perch with the ocean in the background. Indonesia’s provinces of Papua and West Papua on island of New Guinea make up the Land of Papua or "Tanah Papua" in the Indonesian language. This region supports one of the only remaining large tropical forests in the world and is home to nearly half of Indonesia’s biodiversity. Over 600 species of birds are found in Papua, including 27 bird-of-paradise species, many of which live nowhere else on earth. At a major international Conference in Manokwari on Oct 10, the provinces made a major commitment to a green future. West Papua has declared itself a “Conservation Province” and both provinces have tremendous environmental leadership, and committed to preserving 70% of their land as forest. See our new video from the @BirdsofParadiseProject “Tanah Papua – A Paradise for Birds” at the link in @BirdsofParadiseProject. #ConservationProvince, #ProvinsiKonservasi #RajaAmpat, #Waigeo, #Papua, #Indonesia, #TanahPapua, #PapuaBiodiversity, #RedBirdofParadise, #BirdofParadise, @TimLaman.

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Photo by @drewtrush | Ursus arctos horribilis. The Grizzly Bear, given it's latin name in part because of it's short temper, and fearsome reputation along the frontier. #commonground #publiclands #grizzlybear #bears

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Photo by @pedromcbride | The silence of these giants, as they pass with the wind through the protected lands of @lewa_wildlife — always amazes me. To see more about conservation models in northern Kenya, follow @pedromcbride. @nrt_kenya #elephants #silence #nature #kenya #africa #petemcbride.

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Photo by @edkashi | Mary Pacherres Alvarez, 32, in her parent’s home in Ignacio Escudero Montelima on Feb. 11, 2018. Mary was diagnosed with #CKDu 8 years ago, and has been on dialysis ever since. She is raising 4 kids in the same house with her parents. Her 13-year-old daughter stopped going to school in order to care for her. You can find With Every Breath, my film made in Peru with @t_laffay, through the link in my bio. @natgeo @insidenatgeo #natgeo #photojournalism #Peru #investigate #document #documentary #film #documentaryfilm #illness #disease #health #healthcare #dialysis #epidemic #chronickidneydisease #edkashi

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Photo by @Hammond_Robin for @ICRC | In northeastern Nigeria, merely going to work can be an act of bravery. 29 year old nurse Nafisa Abdulhameed (pictured) who works in an ICRC supported hospital learnt yesterday just how risky her work is. It has been announced that her colleague, 24-year-old Hauwa Mohammed Liman, a health worker, who had been abducted in March was killed by her captors. Another health worker abducted at the same time, Saifura Hussaini Ahmed Khorsa was killed in September. A third is still held captive. The ICRC made sustained and committed efforts to secure the release of the health-care workers, including a last-minute plea for mercy on Sunday to the Islamic State West Africa Province group, to no avail. // Nafisa is familiar with the violence that has rocked the region. She works in a specialist gunshot and bomb blast wounded ward set up and run by the ICRC in the State Specialist Hospital in Maiduguri. Everyday she stitches wounds and plugs gaping wounds of men and women who’ve experienced first hand the destructive force of sharp exploding metal. // Men make war; women live with the consequences. At least that is the way it is largely perceived. While living with and reacting to those consequences, women are hardly passive victims, though. They grieve, they fight against the suffering, and many find they are forced to re-invent themselves, shedding an old identify and forging a new one shaped by war. // This work was supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross, a humanitarian organization working on all sides of conflict to alleviate people’s suffering. To see more from the A Woman’s War project, go to @ICRC

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Photo by @joelsartore | Currently, only three institutions in the world are home to the critically endangered rufous-fronted laughingthrush. The main population is housed at Cikananga Conservation Breeding Center (CCBC) @cikananga.foundation in Java where a captive breeding program was implemented in 2013. Over the past 5 years the facility has bred a total of 18 birds, with 17 still residing at CCBC. The key to success for this species will come from getting birds from different captive populations to breed with one another. The more genetic diversity a population has, the healthier it is, and the greater its chance of survival. With a lot of hard work and a little bit of luck this species may one day return to the wild. @zootrhy_plzen where this bird was photographed houses and breeds and has one of the finest collections of this species in the world.

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Photo by @williamalbertallard | India, 2002. I got to work in India for the first time in what was kind of the twilight of my career that dates back to 1964. I was assigned by @natgeo to photograph the Dalits, also known as the Untouchables, those people who exist on the lowest rung of the India caste system. This man has just emerged from cleaning out a sewer filled with filth by using only a bucket and a rope. After finishing and closing the concrete cover, he had to go to several nearby homes before gaining permission to wash himself off with a garden hose. Because he is an Untouchable he is destined to do what his father, his grandfather, and all the men in his family's past did, to clean waste from sewers. There are Untouchables generations destined to a tradition of washing clothes, or tanning leather hides, or other tasks members of the upper castes refuse to do. Despite his situation, this man who sits covered in sewage, wears a thin gold chain around his neck and I was struck by how it seemed to match the glint of pride in his eyes as I made his portrait. He may be a collector of other people's wastes, but he does so with self esteem. #followme @williamalbertallard for more images of India and other @natgeo assignments spanning five-decades. @thephotosociety #india #Dalit #castes #onassignment #untouchable"

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Photo by @stephenwilkes. | The golden glow of late-afternoon sunlight makes the perfect backdrop for this posing grizzly, swimming in the Bella Coola river. To see more photos from my travels near and far, visit me @stephenwilkes. #DayToNight #StephenWilkes #BellaCoola #CoastMountains #Canada #Grizzly

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Photo by @amivitale | A keeper feeds three orphaned baby rhinos at the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy ( @lewa_wildlife) in #Kenya. Animals here receive dedicated, constant care from their keepers, who look after their health and help prepare them for life in the wild. Indigenous communities are on the front lines of the fight against poaching and landscape destruction, making them the best protectors of the endangered wildlife around them. Follow @amivitale @lewa_wildlife @nrt_kenya & @nature_org to learn about the incredible work being done to protect and preserve these wondrous beings. @kenyawildlifeservice @thephotosociety @natgeo @nature_africa #WorthMoreAlive #protectrhinos #DontLetThemDisappear #rhinos #saverhinos #stoppoaching #kenya #northernkenya #magicalkenya #africa #everydayafrica #worldrhinoday #photojournalism #amivitale

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Photo by @gabrielegalimbertiphoto | I’m recently turned 40 and almost every friend around me has become a parent over the last few years. A couple of friends and I are the only ones in our group who still don’t have kids of our own. I naturally began to observe how the others were raising their children. I watch them playing together, hear the arguments and the kids’ complaints at mealtimes or at bedtime. I’ve often been the one in charge of the kids when those moments happen. Just maybe, all of these things are making me start to want to be a father. That is why I’ve decided to make the relationships between fathers and their children the focus of this photo project. Wherever I am in the world, when I meet a father I ask him to tell me about a special moment he has spent with his children and, when I can, I photograph them together /// From the about FATHERS - Breda, The Netherlands – Raoul (43), Tijn (6) and Ole (4) - Raoul is from Portugal originally, but he has been living in Holland for many years. He’s a successful entrepreneur and owns a consulting company that operates in the oil and gas sector. He lives in Breda with his wife and children. He commutes to Rotterdam for work every day, by train or by car. “It’s a little stressful, but I’d rather live in a small city than in Rotterdam.” He travels to the Middle East, too, about 5 or 6 times a year. Raoul doesn’t have much free time to be with his family. He’s mostly only able to spend time with them on weekends, which he loves spending with his children. Lately, their favorite pastime has been bicycling. “Ole, the youngest, is just now learning to ride by himself, so I still have to help him all the time and be careful that he doesn't fall.” /// Follow me for more stories @gabrielegalimbertiphoto #father #fathers #dad #dads #netherlands #bike #biking #breda #rotterdam #holland #fatherhood

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Photo by @beverlyjoubert | The dominant male from the Tsaro Pride at Duba Plains is well used to crossing deep channels on a daily basis. This one is only chest-deep and a path has been forged by a hippo.There's no keeping your paws dry in the Okavango when the dominant prey species is happy to wallow or feed where the area is at its swampiest. Right now he's not hunting; he's leaving that to the females who are after red lechwe, but he's following behind them so as not to miss out when they are successful. It's not unusual for the females to make a kill specifically for the male and then move away to a different area while he is busy eating, in order to hunt for the rest of the pride. #Okavangolions #DubaPlains #Tsaropride #Thisismytrophy #wetcat

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Photo by Matthieu Paley @paleyphoto I The Pamir mountains, partly wrapped in sand dunes, rise above Bulunkou reservoir, in Xinjiang, China. I was traveling by bus on the Karakoram Highway (KKH), the highest paved road in the world and the only ground transport link between China and Pakistan. A modern incarnation of the ancient silk road, the recent upgrade of the KKH has been accompanied by several energy projects, including hydropower stations such as this one / To explore different part of the world, follow me @paleyphoto / #uyghur #xinjiang #bulunkoulake #KKH #Karakoramhighway

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Photo by @PaulNicklen | In South Georgia, Antarctica, an elephant seal pup gets its first look at its new home. Just minutes old, it weighs about 50 pounds. Over the next three weeks, the pup will gorge on rich milk from its mother, quickly fattening up to 400 pounds. #FollowMe at @PaulNicklen for more photos of Antarctic wildlife and landscapes. #seal #Antarctica #wildlife #photography

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Photos by @laurentballesta | "The Ice Monster" An iceberg only shows 10% of its top above the surface. 90% remain invisible under water. Photographing the hidden face of the iceberg has always been a fantasy for me. In 2015, during an expedition to Antarctica on the initiative of director Luc Jacquet (March of the Penguins), we found the ideal conditions for the fantasy to become reality: an iceberg that floated just above the sandy bottom at -40 m (-130 ft), motionless as it was trapped in the ice floe. It measured "only" 200 m in circumference but it was already too large to see it completely under water. It took 3 days of diving, accepting some frozen toes, and the use of panoramic photo techniques to successfully complete the challenge. If you wish to see the making-of video visit my page @laurentballesta. - Un iceberg ne laisse voir que 10% de son sommet au-dessus de la surface. 90% reste invisible sous l'eau. Photographier la face cachée de l'iceberg a toujours été un fantasme pour moi. En 2015, lors d'une expédition en Antarctique à l'initiative du réalisateur Luc Jacquet (La Marche de l'empereur), nous avons trouvé les conditions idéales pour que le fantasme devienne réalité : un iceberg qui flottait juste au-dessus d'un fond de sable à -40 m, immobile car coincé par la banquise. Il mesurait "" seulement "" 200 m de circonférence mais c'était déjà trop pour le voir en entier sous l'eau. Il aura fallu 3 jours de plongée, accepter quelques orteils gelés, et l'utilisation des techniques de la photo panoramique pour réussir le défi. Si vous souhaitez voir la vidéo making-of visitez ma page @laurentballesta. - #wildlifephotographeroftheyear

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Photo by @dguttenfelder | Fish mongers place frozen tuna in rows before the early morning start of the auction at Tokyo’s famed Tsukiji wholesale seafood market. 83 years after its opening, Tsukiji fish market was closed on Oct. 6, 2018. Long-planned but controversial, the world’s largest fish market will be moved to a new 5 billion US dollar modern, enclosed structure. Tsukiji market will be razed in the coming months and replaced with a transit hub for buses during the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. Photo by @dguttenfelder on assignment in Tokyo for @natgeo.

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Photo by @simonnorfolkstudio | I was fortunate to travel to Socotra not just once, but twice. Here another two images of the astonishing white sand beach at Detwah Lagoon near Qalansia (or Qalansiyah). Socotra (Arabic: سُقُطْرَى‎ Suquṭra), is an archipelago of four islands located in the Arabian Sea and territorially part of Yemen. The largest island, also known as Socotra, lies about 380km (240mi) south of the Arabian Peninsula and 240km (150mi) east of the Horn of Africa. It has been described as ""the most alien-looking place on Earth”. As a consequence of its isolation, the island is home to a high number of endemic species; up to a third of its plant life isn't found anywhere else on Earth. In the 1990s, a team of United Nations biologists conducted a survey of the archipelago’s flora and fauna and counted nearly 700 endemic species; only New Zealand, Hawaii, New Caledonia, and the Galápagos Islands have more. Follow @simonnorfolkstudio for updates, outtakes, unpublished and archive material. @simonnorfolkstudio @natgeo #Socotra #landscape #soqotra #documentaryphotography #simonnorfolkstudio #simonnorfolk words: @tribaleye #documentary #reportage #Yemen #arabiansea #photojournalism #journalism #arabianpeninsular #arabia #simonnorfolkstudio #simonnorfolk #worldheritage #beach #surf

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Photo by @CristinaMittermeier | Like ephemeral castles, icebergs float out to sea near the Antarctic Peninsula. In a few days, the Convention on the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources #CCAMLR will meet to decide which areas of Antarctica should be protected. In the face of rapid climate change, maybe they should protect it all? On assignment for @NatGeo with @PaulNicklen and @CraigWelch. #follow @CristinaMittermeier to see more images from this upcoming story.

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Photo by @andreabruce | Winter in Kabul, Afghanistan, can be beautiful yet deathly cold, especially for the thousands of people displaced by war living in camps on the outskirts of the city, mostly from warmer areas of Afghanistan. Here, Ibrahim holds his youngest son outside a mud hut where he lives with his wife and 11 children. The same camp buried at least two children who died due to the freezing temperatures that week a few years ago. #afghanistan #winter @noorimages

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Photo by @gerdludwig | Early morning along a riverbank on the Waiãpi reservation in the northeastern Brazilian Amazon, a couple performs the daily ritual of brushing their child's teeth using a toothbrush and river water. @thephotosociety #Brazil #Amazon #Waiãpi #hygiene #rainforest #indigenous

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Photo by @Jayaprakash_bojan | In 2017, this striking image of an orangutan surveying his environment from behind a tree in a river in Borneo, Indonesia, won grand prize in the 2017 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Contest. Expert judges reviewed thousands of entries before selecting this powerful photograph. Have you taken a compelling image? Share it with us and join the 2018 National Geographic Photo Contest from October 15-November 15. We are looking for images that show us the world: its wildlife, people, and places. Learn more at ‪natgeo.com/photocontest‬ (link in bio).

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Video by @renan_ozturk | A message to earth. The most recent IPCC report just released about climate change is sobering to say the least. With current emissions we are on a crash course that will be felt across all ecosystems, communities and economies. Change is needed now. Let’s hope the imagery we create and share on this platform has some positive impact on #Turningthetide

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Video by @TimLaman & @RussLaman | A spectacular misty morning flight over the rain forest of Gunung Palung National Park, West Kalimantan, Indonesia, one of the best remaining lowland rainforest sites in all of Borneo, and a refuge of Indonesia’s amazing biodiversity. Filmed back in July after a rainy night created the perfect misty conditions at dawn. I’m excited to be going back to Gunung Palung this week to follow up on my @NatGeo camera trapping project and see if we’ve gotten any unusual critters. Stay tuned in by following @TimLaman and I’ll be sharing some of the lesser-known rain forest animals of Borneo. #GunungPalung, #Kalimantan, #rainforest, #mist, #Borneo, #IndonesiaBiodiversity.

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Wild_Life with @bertiegregory // The amount of effort that macaroni penguins must put in to give their chicks just a chance at survival is hard to comprehend. Giant waves, razor sharp rocks, mountain climbs and hungry seals are just a handful of the challenges these penguins must overcome each day to get just a single meal to their chick. // Check out the new season of Wild_Life at natgeo.com/wildlife.

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