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Lago di Vogorno in @ticinoturismo became world-famous when James Bond bravely plunged from the dam wall (On Her Majesty’s Secret Service, of course). So, if you’re looking for the ultimate (adrenaline) hit, you’ve got to add the dam to your bucket list. First the facts: 220 metres high, 7.5 seconds of freefall. But even if that’s not your cup of tea, the natural wonders of the Verzasca valley reserve have plenty to offer. The magical bright green waters of the river Verzasca and the craggy landscape make this the perfect riverside hike. There you will find beds made of stone, forming natural whirlpools. This is the ideal place for a refreshing dip. By the way: Even if you’re not into bungee jumping, a stopover at the dam is also worthwhile for the wonderful view of Lake Maggiore. I wonder if @thomasoehrli took just one photo? 😉

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Allow us to introduce the skyline of the canton of #Schwyz. Well… almost. This incredible panorama is captures in the photo from @thegoodswisslife. Lying in the heart of Switzerland, this region is a Pre-Alpine natural paradise. The secluded paths and beautiful hiking trails make this area, also known as the Mythen region, a varied paradise for hikers and climbers alike, dominated by the two Mythen peaks. The twin Mythen mountains in the canton of Schwyz form the backdrop to the beating heart of Switzerland. If you want to enjoy this great panoramic view, then make sure not to miss a ride on the Rotenfluebahn cable car. It will take you to the Rothenflue summit in just ten minutes. But even during the ride, your eyes will gorge on this spectacular view over Lake Lauerz and Lake Lucerne. Just imagine how things look from the top 😉

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Lenzburg is barely 25 kilomteres from Zurich and is within easy reach by public transport. This small town in @aargautourismus is more or less in middle of the Swiss region with the largest collection of castles. Where else would you find so many stately dwellings as the castles of Lenzburg, Hallwyl, Wildegg, Brunegg and Habsburg? Lenzburg Castle perches on the Schlossberg, 100 metres above the city, as we can see in this photo from @lin_fapou . This is one of the oldest and most famous castles in Switzerland and is also home to Aargau Museum. The mediaeval old town and a number of other museums invite you to learn more about the history of the town and the region - wanna bet 😉? Even though Lenzburg is only 405 metres above sea level, Esterliturm offers you a unique panoramic view across Central Switzerland to the Black Forest - assuming to conquer the 253 steps to the viewing platform. 🏃🏼‍♀️Thanks for the great photo!

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Alpine pastures, fragrant forests and magnificent views of the valley of the Liène - who wouldn’t want to take this walk with the view over the Rhone Valley and the proud 4000 metre mountain peaks? Have we sparked your interest? Then don’t forget to add the hike from Lac de Tseuzier to @cransmontana to your bucket list. The trail is varied, fairly easy and ideal for families and rewards you with fabulous views from the disused canal down to the valley below. The trail starts at the idyllic Lac de Tseuzier in @valaiswallis. It crosses through crocus-filled meadows and passes still snowy slopes, as you can see in this photo from @missynoomi. Then you will come upon Alp Er de Chermignon. You’ll need a certain degree of sure-footedness and, of course, good footwear from this point onward, as the last section becomes more adventurous with rock walls that drop almost vertically from the former aquaduct. However handrails, steel cables and boardwalks also make this exciting trail more accessible. A varied slice of Switzerland… Would you have guessed such a hike was in store on seeing this idyllic photo?

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Ever wanted to follow in the footsteps of Hermann Hesse and discover one of the most beautiful regions in Switzerland? If so, Collina d’Oro in @ticinoturismo is just the place for you. Overlooking Lake Lugano, this place brings together nature and culture in a unique mix. One of the highlights is the trail dedicated to Hermann Hesse. This leads to some of the most beautiful spots in the municipality of Collina d’Oro, which were particularly dear to the poet, even featuring in several of his works. The countless trails in this region also make it a paradise for cyclists. Collina d’Oro is also an ideal place to spend a little time. Who wouldn’t want to relax against the backdrop of this unforgettable view of Lugano and Lake Lugano, seen here in a fabulous photo from @ludovicpizzera?!

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We love this breath-taking photo from @elidelamontagne of Schäfler on the Säntis. The flora and fauna are equally stunning in the @appenzellerland region. There are countless hiking trails here, so you don’t have to be a sure-footed hiker with a head for heights. If you like what you see here, then we have a tour for you that is sure to leave you speechless (one way or another). You can take the Appenzell Railway as far as Wasserauen. You will then be whisked onwards and upwards by cable car. The trail leads you through Wildkirchli Cave, which was inhabited by Neanderthal man some 40,000 years ago. Further on, this panoramic trail leads you up to the Schäfler and the mountain retreat of the same name. This is the ideal place for an extended break and a glimpse of the tour’s finishing point, the Säntis. Have a wonderful time enjoying the sights and tastes on offer!

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Do you know where Lake Constance becomes the river Rhine once again? That’s right - in the little town of Stein am Rhein @schaffhauserlandtourismus! The town is famous for its charming painted facades and half-timbered houses. The short circular walk along the banks of the Rhine is one of the nicest ways to discover the most beautiful side of Stein am Rhein and the perfect place for a stroll. You will get an idea of what’s in store in this photo from @tom.wegener.353. But the town has much, much more to offer, for example St George’s Monastery, a fantastically well preserved mediaeval monastery complex. The Lindwurm Museum and the recreational area on the Werd Islands are worth a look and don’t forget Hohenklingen Castle, which has been towering high above the town since 1225. Thanks for the photo!

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An adventure in the mountain village of @valaiswallis is worth it for the historic houses alone. But museum trips, historic village tours and classical music also await you in this village in @landschaftsparkbinntal. Ernen is also the perfect base for a wide array of mountain trips, bike tours, mule treks and hiking in the Alpine valley of Goms. One of these hikes includes the 280-m long Goms Bridge. Cross the Rhone river on this suspension bridge, 92m above the ground. Goms lies on the famous @glacierexpress.ch train route, which connects Zermatt to St. Moritz or Davos. A trip on Furka Cogwheel Steam Railway also has its own special appeal. No trip is complete without an excursion to the adjoining Swiss Alps UNESCO natural heritage site @unesco_jungfrau_aletsch, containing the impressive Aletsch glacier. Thanks for this awesome photo @ingmvr_!

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Even Johann Wolfgang von Goethe was fascinated by the Bernese Oberland. Small wonder! @myinterlaken, for example, has been famous throughout the world for its impressive mountain terrain since the beginning of the 19th century. You can reach the top of one of the imposing peaks, Interlaken's local mountain, with relative ease. For more than one hundred years, the panorama funicular railway has carried people from the town to Harder Kulm, 1322 metres above sea level. Starting at Interlaken Ost train station, it takes just ten minutes to reach the summit, passing the nature reserve and traversing the woodland. If you didn't know already why Goethe was so fascinated by this place, the view over Lake Thun and the Alps will help you understand! As you can see from the photo, @mathias_josi_photography was also blown away – thanks for the great shot!

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The mountain village of Grindelwald in the Eiger nestles in a valley with an imposing mountain backdrop, including the Wetterhorn and the Eiger north face. The countless activities and scenic views make @grindelwald_eiger one of the most popular destinations for holidays and excursions in Switzerland. In summer, you can choose from over 500 kilometres of marked hiking and mountain trails in the Jungfrau region. Crystal clear mountain lakes and rushing waterfalls offer cooling refreshment and the unique backdrop of the Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau can be enjoyed virtually free of charge. 🏔 There were good reasons for declaring the Bernese Oberland a UNESCO World Heritage Site. @amir_asani13 also found the picture-book scenery irresistible – thanks for the great photo!

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Alpine idyll meets southern beach atmosphere! Almost ... because Amden in the canton of @sgbtourism shows just how these seeming opposites are just a stone's throw apart! Located on a sunny terrace above the #Walensee, Amden is a starting point for many activities. A hike on Amden's panorama trail is a real highlight. It threads a path through the unspoiled Pre-Alpine landscape – as you can see in the photo from @kammpascal – and through a wealth of Alpine flora and a protected area of moorland. If you prefer to ride on two wheels instead of walking, then you can enjoy even more incomparable panoramic views of the Walensee and the Glarus Alps on the bike route from the historic town of Weesen to Amden. Thanks for the great photo!

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The words “once upon a time, long, long ago” would make a fitting start to a story about the famous #Lötschtal valley. After all, even in prehistoric times people moved through the Lötschental valley and over the pass of the same name. Until the Middle Ages, the Lötschen Pass was an important link between the #BerneseOberland and @valaiswallis. Nestling in impressive mountain scenery between the Valais and Bernese Alps, this largely untouched valley with its unspoiled villages is the perfect spot for back-to-nature holidays. This is an ideal place to start hiking tours, as there are more than 200 kilometres of hiking trails to choose from - including one to the famous Swiss Alps World Heritage site @unesco_jungfrau_aletsch! Thanks for the great photo, @muellerflix!

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