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Free movement is one of the best ways that I know to heal. I believe we can heal mind from body. We can heal body from mind.

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We all heard of law of attraction. I hope you can manifest the life you want🌻

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Who me?🥺 Despite the look of it, it was uncomfortable🤣 mad RESPECT✨ for women who rock long hair. Other than that, Happy Wednesday💚 #longponytail #justbecause

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Teaching🧘‍♀️yoga. To be able to give care and hold a space for people to show up for themselves, it is pure pleasure✨ Also teaching is always learning experience🌱 Yoga better my life so much . To be able to share what I’ve learned, what helped me, it is humbling💚 Start teaching @hypesilverlake Mondays 7:30am Wednesdays 7:30am Fridays 7:30am Practice with me bright and early to start your day💚 Have a beautiful weekend to you🌻 #yoga #yogalove #space #love #care #share #yogapractice #silverlake

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Swipe left for wild spinner dolphins!🐬✨ Swimming in the ocean is a special feeling. Visiting under water world where I can not survive yet sooo beautiful to visit. One of those experience made my “problems” so small. To enjoy our nature, what can we do to keep them alive and beautiful✨ to maybe reverse all the suffering. Big island vlog with lots of plant based food is on YouTube💚 link in bio #love #ocean #nature #savetheocean #dolphin #travel #snorkeling #swimwithdolphin

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Necessary yoga photo in the nature😬 Big island of Hawaii🌺 Lot that we see everyday, almost everything is touched or created by human. But Being here, seeing it’s own beauty of untouched nature. It does felt like we are only “borrowing” everything from Mother Earth🌍✨ instead of “owning” Then we will have healthy relationship with everything around us. We don’t own, we only borrow💚 Book reff “Yama and Niyama exploring yogas ethical practice” Deborah Adele Happy monday to you💚💚💚 #nature #universe #one #yoga #motherearth #bigisland #love

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Aparigraha, non attachment. What do you think:)

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Saying bye is the hardest part😌 thankful that we were able to meet each other in the middle, the big island of Hawaii💚 I absolutely love our relationship with my Mom✨ おやこ旅の後おかあさんは日本、私はロスへ。別れる時は号泣だけど、こうして2人でバケーションできることに感謝💚ありがとう❤️ #family #motherdaughter #hawaii #bigisland #oceanview

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Hilo🌺✨ Vegan breakfast💚 Mother daughter time🌻 #consciousculturecafe #hilo #hawaii #love

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I have to say language is not the only tool of communication!

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What are you doing on Memorial Day? Come flow, sweat and breathe with me 6pm:) @hypesilverlake after your Memorial Day fun to end the day with big smile with calm heart💚 I’ve been liking night practice myself too before dinner time!🍴take care of yourself and happy happy weekend😊✨ They have offer for first timer too! #memorialdayyoga #yoga #yogalove #practice #love #share

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We all have hard times. Sharing how I go through them. Trust that those hard time came for you and hope you can come out of it smarter and stronger💚 sending love❤️

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Happy Saturday!😃💚 #selfiesaturday #filmingday #smile #share #love

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Good morning🌱My traveling vlog with food is up on YouTube🎥 now😊 link in bio🌻 I traveled tons in the past and thought I’d share some food and habit while I travel! Having yoga and meditation practice with me changed the game🙌🏼 thankful for the teachers that I’ve learned from. this wonderful ancient lineage✨ Have a beautiful day❤️ from rainy LA☔️💚 #yoga #meditation #plantbased #youtube #whatiate #lineage #love #share

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Happy mind set talk😊💚 now live on YouTube🎥✨ link on my bio🌻 Happiness is a choice🌱support your new born baby Youtuber😆 Have a beautiful day💚 Take care of self and others🌹 #happiness #mindset #love #share #youtuber

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Sunlight. Nature. Breeze. Music.💚 Take a deep breath. Take care of yourself like you do for your loved ones❤️ Have a beautiful day/night/morning to you😊 #nature #dance #freestyle #alayna #highoffyou #love #free #share

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Dancing with a stranger🌹 @samsmith ✖️ @normani Happy Tuesday💚 🎥by @allaune ❤️ #dance #freestyle #movement #music #lovefordance #dancingwithastranger #love #share

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“All I ever wanted was to understand the poet in the sky🌟 Figure out the hidden truth He laced together and wrote in the night🌛 All I ever wanted was to find a way to express the things I feel🌹” The song, the lyric really resonates with me🌚🌝 Inhaling deeply in the middle of this beautiful place moving to it was just amazing✨ Beautiful song : high off you @alaynamusic__ 🎥 by @manaikeda104 💚 Thank you @mpow_official for light weight comfy headphone. Full video on my bio:) Beautiful Friday to you. #dance #freestyle #movement #music #selflove #share #wonderer #alayna #highoffyou

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