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32🍀 1/9/2019 32nd year in this universe, being my body. On Birthday I look back and reflect, appreciate all the details of my life. Here to remind myself to do my very best. Thank you to every human being I cross path with and connect with💗 Shouting I love you to my lovely people❤️🧡💛💛💚💙 thank you for the birthday wishes🥰 誕生日祝いの言葉やストーリー、ありがとうございます☺️💕 #birthday #32 #youareme #love

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Holiday Japan trip🇯🇵 友達、家族との充実した時間を過ごし、それから毎年恒例のDA公演振付では、なんだか私がみんなにパワーをもらうなあと毎回思います。(でもしっかり練習してね✊🏼) みなさま、滞在中すてきな時間をありがとう🌻✨ 2019年、ステキな年に。 I got to spend some quality time with my friends and family in Japan😊 I choreograph a number for @TSMshibuya_datokyo every year. When I rehearse with them I feel like I’m the one learning from the young ones every time:) Thank you to each one of you. #love #family #thankyou #japanese #friends #share #ready

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2019😁✨ Thank you to everyone I connected with last year🙏🏼❤️ let’s have an amazing 2019 filled with joy, adventure, growth and love🌻✨ 今年もよろしくおねがいします😊 #reptour is now on #netflix 😃

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2018.11.05 I am grateful🌱 Breath taking ocean time. Getting sandy feeling the ocean upside down is definitely my favorite😊 Approaching the end of 2018 looking back the amazing moments of this year🙏🏼 #thankyou2018 #oceanpower #free #yoga #love #nature

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Throw back clip from late night Hotel room session with rep tour girls in New Zealand🇳🇿 Freeing and getting lost. Always a great idea😊❤️ #feel #free #dance #トレーニングしたい✨ #session #fortheloveofdance #freestyle #love #share

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Visited kochi @garden_of_monet and #yuzunoyado ♨️ Greeted by beautiful flowers at the garden🌻 followed by an amazing onsen and vegan course at #yuzunoyado hotel😊 for people like myself who have tattoos, they have an amazing private onsen outdoor❤️ relaxed and recharged🌱 beautiful nature and amazing hospitality. 父が支配人を務める高知県にあるモネの庭、それから同じく社長を務める北川村温泉ゆずの宿にいってきました! 画家クロードモネのフランスの家の庭を再現した本家からみとめられている庭です✨12月ですが、綺麗な花がたくさん咲いていて、とっても癒されました😊🌻✨ ゆずの宿では、なんとヴィーガン料理にも対応していただき、(日本では精進料理ですね) おいしいお野菜をたくさん😋 私はタトゥーが入っているので温泉は基本的にNGですが、すごくステキな貸切露天風呂、お部屋付きの檜の露天風呂には何度も入って大満足でした☺️♨️とろーり泉質でお肌も大喜び❤️ 山に囲まれていて空気も綺麗で、久しぶりに日本のきれいな木や花やコケに触れたり、川の水のきれいさにうっとりしたり、とっても楽しみました☺️✨ 高知に訪れた際はぜひ、父にsay hiしにいってください🤩🌸 #モネの庭 #高知県北川村 #北川村温泉ゆずの宿 #温泉 ##癒された

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Taylor Swift #reputationstadiumtour Netflix 12/31/2018 🔥 double celebration!

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Happy birthday @taylorswift ❤️what an honor to cross path with a purely incredible human being like you😊✨ Wishing you more happiness, love, health, calmness, excitement, adventure and more🌻🌻🌻✨ celebrate!! Some fav moments. #happybirthday

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Making movements! Soon to be home again!😃🇯🇵 @this_nao music is the☝🏼✨✨✨ #driveanddisconnect #dance #forthelove #movemet #choreography #nao #music #love

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Stopped the car and moved a lil on a very cold day in California! in the middle of mountain surrounded by lots of Joshua trees🌵🌵🌵✨ Casual grooooves. Not fancy, 🐶 but it’s where it started🎶 #lostsouls @hermusicofficial #music #groove #simple #lovefordance #80sbaby #love #movement #share

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Tokyo dome. Expressing my gratitude to every little details about those 2 special days. The best part of all was that my family got to experience it with me❤️ thank you over and over again with much respect and love💗 @taylorswift Photo I stole from @maho_udo アメリカ行きを決めた場所。 東京ドーム😊 ありがとうございました。 #reputationstadiumtour #家族

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Scandalous🌹 all the movie nights I will miss! So lucky❤️ I love you! #respect #love #girlpower #reputationstadiumtour

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I am grateful for these beautiful people experiencing most of 2018 together✨ All the laughs, passion and adventures we shared. Also lots of frustrating and difficult times we shared. We went through it all. I feel so lucky to have met some of the people I didn’t know before tour and also to connect further with the people I knew already. I am genuinely so so so so excited for what’s come next and to witness journeys of each of these superstars! Some serious charismas in this picture🙌🏼 THANK YOU TO ALL😊❤️ Sending love and energy on your way! #reputationstadiumtour #tour #thankyou

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✨🌵moving, connecting with rocks and trees and creatures🌵✨ Grateful. 🌞✨ Sunset is 4:34pm out here and we were chasing the sun.🌻 🎥 by @wyldxjohn 🎶 by @sineadharnett #iwantitwithyou #movementtherapy #free #music #love #freestyle #dance #share #pocahontas

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🧘‍♂️ Currently here🌱 Calming down from the high high from the ending (an amazing home town shows!) of reputation tour. Always lots of emotions bursting out when tour life ends. Feeling all the feelings. Experiencing all the emotions. I am going to express my gratitude about it here on internet world soon👾✨ Until then:) #yoga #body #earrh #practice #homeawayfromhome #selflove #selfrealization #share #gratitude

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There are no words! Our Home town! home country! The place where I decided to move to the US, to become a professional dancer. Tokyo dome. Thank you @taylorswift for unforgettable moments and for being amazing human being that you are❤️ One last time tonight! #reputationstadiumtour #taylorswift

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東京!!🇯🇵❤️ Home town🌟 last 2 here😃 #taylorswift #reputationstadiumtour

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