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MOM I’M FINE! Photo starring my hospital medical bracelet! 😷 Normally I’d try to hide it but hey, it tells one hell of a story. Swipe through to see a less glamorous side of things and read below about #myhospitalexperience . If you’ve been following my stories here in Puerto Rico, you know that I was admitted to the emergency clinic in Rincón for a virus . We woke up to catch sunrise and immediately I knew something was off. My back was in more pain I had ever felt and my body felt weak. I figured I just had a bad sleep. I decided to skip sunrise and go back to bed for an hour hoping I’d wake up re-energized. Not the case. I had a fever but was shivering, I was running for the bathroom every few minutes, I could barely keep my eyes open and I was dehydrated. Apparently my lips were blue and I couldn’t say more than 3 words before passing out. I was put on an IV while the doctors ran blood tests 💉 . Since being admitted on Wednesday I’ve dropped 4lbs, which doesn’t sound like a lot but when you aren’t trying to loose weight it feels like it. If you’ve ever been sick in a foreign country it’s a scary thing, especially if you don’t speak the language. I’ve been lucky enough to get seriously ill in Costa Rica, Bali and now Puerto Rico 👌🏼 Perks of traveling! . I’m so thankful to have had @ehvegan by my side the entire time and Lisa from @tres_sirenas who welcomed us like daughters and took such great care of me! The kindness found in Puerto Rico is something I’ll never forget #momimfine #puertorico #rincon #rinconpuertorico #tressirenas #hospitalized

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Literally me 💃🏻🇵🇷 Last night we tore it up starting at @lafactoriapr and ending on the streets of Old San Juan . Here’s a few fun facts about this bar.. • It’s rated one of the top 10 bars in the world! 🍸🌎 • It’s more so much more than just a bar, it’s actually a 6 in 1! One bar leading into another through sneaky bar doorways.From speakeasy to wine bar from salsa to EDM to a classic lounge and back to another speakeasy. There is something for everyone! • It’s also the bar they recorded the music video for Despacito! • Oh and it they make a mean Piñata Colada! 🍹 . Which room would I find you in? 📷: @ehvegan #sanjuanpuertorico #oldsanjuan #oldsanjuanpuertorico

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Last one from Tulum, land of guac, tacos and perfect insta photos! 😉 :::::: I’ve been getting so many messages about my time in Tulum and places we visited. You guys love to know all about those insta worthy spots so I made a whole blog post about it. If you’re planning a trip or just want some photo inspo go give it a read! Link is in my bio! ::::: Checking out a new destination this week!! Who’s been to Puerto Rico before? #tulummexico #tulumvibes #tulumstyle #instagrammable

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Makeup isn’t meant to make an ugly thing beautiful, it is meant only to magnify the beauty that already exists 💖 . Happy Tuesday loves! May your day be as bright as my highlight! 😉 Thanks @preptulum & @prephair for giving me my Mexican glow! 📷: @mvandersluis #tulumstyle #tulumvibes #tulummexico #beautywithin

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NEW BLOGPOST IS NOW LIVE! 💫 Most Instagrammable Spots in Tulum! :::::: My Tulum guide has been highly requested by a lot of you and I’ve been getting tons of questions from those of you planning your upcoming trips. As always, I want my guides to be as helpful as possible. There is so much to share about this magical spot m so I decided to break it up into 3 posts 🖥 • Most Instagrammable Spots in Tulum • Tulum Food Guide • Planning The Ultimate Girls Getaway :::::: Click the link in bio to give this one a read and pin it for your next trip. It’s full of photo inspo!! And if you still have questions about this destination leave them below and I’ll make sure I answer them in the next one! :::::: Huge shoutout to @donna_adi for bringing one of my favourite photos to life with her magic! 💖 #internationalwomensday #tulummexico #tulumbeach

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Have you ever packed your bags and headed to the airport not knowing where you’re headed? 🛫 :::::: They say over-planning kills magic but would you be able to be so spontaneous? I’ve always wanted to show up and just pick a destination off the board! :::::: Last minute I’ve decided to head out on a trip. We leave in 48hrs, destination still TBD! Any guesses where we’ll end up? 🤔 📷: @mvandersluis #tulummexico #tulumvibes #tulumstyle #tulumlife #nesttulum

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Just me in my natural habitat 💙💦✨ Still not finished exploring Tulum, not quite sure if I’ll ever been done with this magical place! . Sounds like many of you have Tulum on your bucket list too now! I love hearing that my travels/blog posts/vlogs have inspired you to visit a new destination or add it to your bucket list! . I’m busy thinking up some new destinations to visit this year! I’d love to hear from you guys! What’s been your favourite destination you’ve ever visited? Where should I explore next? 👇🏼 . #bucketlistgoals #cenotes #cenotesmexico #tulummexico #tulumvibes #grandcenote

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I love you so matcha 💚 @laurareidd ::::: Working on a blogpost of the most instagrammable spots in Tulum. Curious to know do you guys also want a Tulum food guide? 🥑🌮🤤 📷: @mvandersluis #iloveyousomatcha #tulumvibes #tulummexico #bestiegoals #bestfriendsgoals

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I’ve made it from the bed to the couch. There’s no stopping me now! #unstoppable 🤧 ☼ Woke up this morning a little sick so I’m dreaming back to the magical Mexican sunsets while binging through @thecoldpodcast and editing a new YouTube video on a pretty controversial topic dropping this week. ☼ Stay tuned & be sure to subscribe! Link in bio! 📷: @meaganfaye #tulummexico #tulum #tulumbeach #tulumvibes #mexicansunset #nomadetulum

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Today is the oldest you’ve ever been and the youngest you’ll ever be again! (Think about it!) 🍰🥕🎈Vegan carrot cake for breakfast, yes please!! :::::: Still reminiscing about my incredible birthday trip to Tulum! Huge shoutout to my gals @meaganfaye @laurareidd @ehvegan @mvandersluis for making for making me laugh, cry, inspiring me, challenging me and making it so memorable! :::::: I’m ready to go back already and you’re all invited, who’s in!!? 👯‍♀️👯‍♀️👯‍♀️ #girlssupportgirls #girltribe #birthdaytrip #bestiesforlife #bestiegoals💕 #bffgoals #tulumvibes #tulumlife

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“You don’t have a right to the cards you think you should have been dealt. You have an obligation to play the hell out of the ones you’re holding” - Cheryl Stayed ... Happy Monday! I know it’s sometimes hard to get caught up in comparison so I just thought I’d pop into your feed to remind you to get out there and chase those big dreams! ... If you have big expectations for your life be fearless in your pursuit of achieving them. I believe in you! 📷: @mvandersluis #mondaymotivation #mondaymantra #supportoneanother #tulum

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AÇAI BOWL OR AVO TOAST? 🍓🍌🥑WEIGH IN BELOW! 👇🏼 Just went out for brunch and I swear this is the hardest decision to make. I’m so indecisive so I always get both! 🤤 . I’m currently working a few Tulum blog post filled with my fav sights, stays and best food spots in town! What else do you guys want to know? 📷: @mvandersluis #tulummexico #tulumbeach #tulumvibes #rawlovetulum #acaibowl #avotoast

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