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Just a lil’ ukelele by the fire 🔥 #beauties #allihave

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Waking up to hear so many of you saw the movie on Christmas Day was the BEST 🎁 ever!!! Thank you for supporting us and the film! 🥰🥰🥰🥰 LOVE YOU ALL!! #SecondAct

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LOL... the #SECONDACT fam having a lil fun as per usual... movie in theatres now!! #Secondact ♥️♥️🎄🎄🎁🎁

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Christmas 2018 #gratitude #peace #love #joy WISHING YOU ALL THE MERRIEST CHRISTMAS EVER. Love you 😘

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Me and your fave @egt239 discuss how we navigated our career changes that got us here today! #SecondAct’s come in many different ways and it brought us together! Listen to @secondlifepod’s latest episode on @iTunes Podcast or check the link in my stories 🥰

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Bts of my lil’ limitless warrior on the set of our new video LIMITLESS!!! #fearless #effortless #timeless #priceless

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I’ve been reading the love from my fans and want to thank everyone who’s seen and LOVED #SecondAct!!! 🥰🥰🥰We enjoyed making this movie so much and think its perfect for the holiday season🎄I wanted this movie to inspire and give hope and hearing about your second acts has been wonderful and very moving. Go check it out with your loved ones and feel all the joy!!😊😘

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It’s here!!! Happy Release day!!! #SECONDACT our new movie is in theaters today!! Grab your faves and go see it...it’s the perfect holiday feel good movie!!! I promise you will laugh, cry and leave feeling awesome and inspired!! SECOND ACT... “The only thing stopping you is YOU!!!”♥️🎄♥️💋

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Almost time! #LIMITLESS! Chat and premiere! One hour!!! @youtubemusic, 🔗 in bio, let’s goooo!!! Can’t wait! I’ll be there...💋

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It’s time...the video for #Limitless the anthem from #SecondAct debuts TOMORROW at 12:30pm EST only on @youtubemusic and I’ll be there to chat with you as it debuts. Head to the 🔗 in my bio and get queued up now...but here’s a sneak peek because I ♥️ U....get ready💃🏽🌞🍂🕶

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About last night!!! Happy Birthday @siamusic This amazing artist and songwriter wrote the anthem #limitless for my new movie Second Act which is out this Friday the 21st!!! Aaaanddd.... the Video for Limitless which I directed will be debuted tomorrow at 1PM EST with a live YouTube chat with me!! Tune in!!! We are Limitless!! #HappyBirthdaySia 💕💕💕💕🎂 @youtubemusic

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FRIDAY! #SecondAct coming at you and bringing all the love and goosies for the holidays! Can’t wait!🥰🎄🥰 Tag your champ 🥊

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