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Last week, a group of incredible scientists and storytellers from across Europe and Africa joined us in London, England, for #NatGeoFestLDN. Thank you to all who shared their stories from the field and their solutions for a more sustainable planet. Link in bio to watch the livestream from the final event, which included talks from our National Geographic Explorers. #insidenatgeo

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“I noticed that there were very few girls in the books that I read who were actual heroes in their stories, and as I got even older, I began to notice that there were no black people in these books ever,” recalled writer and National Geographic Explorer Tara Roberts ( @storiesfromthedepths), as she described her childhood obsession with fantasy books. Fast forward to her current work, an effort to put women and people of color at the center of the story. She’s following a group of black scuba divers, historians, and archaeologists as they excavate slave-trade wrecks. #insidenatgeo #blackhistorymonth #natgeostorysummit

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"I'm going to take you on a time safari," said Explorer Isaiah Nengo yesterday at #NatGeoFestLDN. The paleontologist proceeded to walk the audience through the golden age of elephants and apes, an illustration of how climate change has shaped our planet and the wildlife that call it home. #insidenatgeo

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"We need to give students a voice, help them engage in subjects, and get them excited about telling these complex stories,” said Explorer @jmadler as she spoke at #natgeooncampus @univmiami. Inspired by her own experiences as a conservation photographer, she developed an environmental education program that connects young Floridans to their drinking water through underwater photography. Swipe 👉 to see her work from "Walking on Water." 📸: Jennifer Adler _____ Nat Geo on Campus connects our scientists and storytellers with students to tackle conservation challenges. Learn about our next event, #natgeoUVA at @UVA: natgeo.org/on-campus

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"I tried the doom and gloom messaging. It wasn't working," said photographer @jaimerojo, who strives to communicate key conservation issues through his work. He spoke about his breakthrough at #NatGeoFestLDN today: “Empathy was the golden thread that united everything that I did as a conservationist and photographer.” See more from the event in our Stories. #insidenatgeo

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Explorer @sergiujiduc's work typically finds him in the mountains: As an environmental geoscientist and alpinist, he studies the dynamics of climate and water systems in mountain communities. But he came down to sea level to attend Explorers Festival London in the UK this week, where he shared his work with his fellow Explorers and discussed solutions for a more sustainable planet. Swipe through for photos from his recent project on the impact of surging glaciers in the Karakoram range, an expedition that he highlighted yesterday at #NatGeoFestLDN. (Link in bio to watch the livestream of today's talks!) 📸: @anamariapavalache, @ronpatricke

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Happy International Day of Women and Girls in Science! We spent the day talking to two National Geographic Explorers, @raewynngrant and @katycroffbell, about their work and how we can expand the field for more #WomenInScience. Watch in our Stories. Photos: Tsalani Lassiter, Julye Newlin/OWT

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"The camera is, in a sense, a passport," said Explorer @louisnderi today at #NatGeoFestLDN. He spoke about his recent work documenting the traditions of indigenous communities in his home country of Kenya. If you want to hear from more of our Explorers in London tomorrow, tap the link in our bio to access the livestream.

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Calling all scientists, researchers, storytellers and other creative minds: We’re looking for innovative solutions to help tackle the world’s single-use plastic problem. Link in bio to learn more about our Ocean Plastic Innovation Challenge in partnership with @SkyOceanRescue. 📸: @justinhofman #planetorplastic

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"At the end of the day, we all use language. We all communicate with each other, " says linguistic anthropologist Sandhya Narayanan, who studies how language use is shaped by cultural and political changes. In honor of International Day of Women and Girls in Science (tomorrow!), Sandhya will join us at @natgeomuseum to share her work and celebrate women in the sciences. #insidenatgeo #internationaldayofwomenandgirlsinscience #womeninstem

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When Barrington Irving first decided to become a pilot, his friends didn't believe him. "They said, 'Black people don't fly.' They never saw a black pilot before." He credits his mentor, fellow Jamaican-born pilot Captain Gary Robinson, for showing him what was possible. He's since become the youngest and first black pilot to fly solo around the world. The National Geographic Explorer now leverages his experiences to engage students in STEM through his organization, @flyingclassroom, and by speaking at events like #natgeooncampus at @univmiami. #blackhistorymonth

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Navigating through the harsh conditions of the Arctic can be a challenge, especially with equipment in tow. That's where kite-skiing comes in: Arctic explorers like @vincentcolliard (pictured here) rely on the power of wind to cover ground. Photo: Borge Ousland #kiteflyingday #insidenatgeo

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