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Microbiologist and ecologist Stefanie Lutz sees big change through a microscope. Her fascination with the diversity of life and its ability to survive and thrive in extreme environments has led her to research then ecology, stress adaptations, and climate resilience of microorganisms—like what pigmented algae can tell us about melting glaciers. #SaveOurSpecies #EarthMonth

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Happy Earth Day! In honor of our planet and the species that call it home, we’re looking back at a few conservation stories worth celebrating. 🌲We created our Last Wild Places initiative to help protect 30 percent of the planet by 2030, which includes protecting more old growth forests like Sequoia National Park. Old growth forests are some of the very best ecosystems to mitigate climate change. They remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and store it as biomass, and they enable local adaptation to climate change for many vulnerable species. 📸: Nick Nichols #EarthDay #CampaignForNature

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Happy Earth Day! In honor of our planet and the species that call it home, we’re looking back at a few conservation stories worth celebrating. 🌊 Our @natgeopristineseas project is dedicated to protecting the last wild places in the ocean. Take the marine protected area in Niue, which the team surveyed in 2016. The government of Niue has since created a marine protected area that covers 40% of the island nation’s ocean territory. It's home to the highest density of grey reef sharks. 📸: Jon Betz #EarthDay #CampaignForNature

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Happy Earth Day! In honor of our planet and the species that call it home, we’re looking back at a few conservation stories worth celebrating. 🐘We’re helping restore Gorongosa National Park’s lands and wildlife, which has been in recovery since the Mozambique civil war ended in 1992. Through our partnership with @gorongosa and the work of National Geographic Fellow Dominique Gonçalves, we’ve helped bring back the area’s elephant population. It now numbers 650! 📸: Ivan Agerton ( @buckarooshooter) #EarthDay #CampaignForNature

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Explorer Shane Gero, marine biologist and founder of Sperm Whale Project, has spent thousands of hours with sperm whale families. Here’s what he learned from a whale named Can Opener. #ProtectOurSpecies #EarthMonth

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Happy #nationalparkweek! To quote National Geographic editor Gilbert Grosvenor (pictured here), “Our country is the treasure-house of nature’s scenic jewels.” He leveraged the magazine's influence to help establish and support the @nationalparkservice in the early 20th century. #insidenatgeo #findyourpark

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The ambitious, achievable goal: protect 30% of the planet by 2030. Link in our bio to read about the Global Deal for Nature, the first effort to establish science-based conservation targets to save the diversity and abundance of life on Earth. @enricsala #CampaignForNature

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"Earth Month is a great time to spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoying the sheer wonder of life on Earth: all those animals, plants and micro-organisms with which we share a four billion year of evolutionary history," says Explorer at Large Tom Lovejoy. The conservation ecologist, who's credited for coining the phrase "biological diversity," has worked in the Amazon for decades. #insidenatgeo #earthmonth

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Orphaned rhinos like the calf pictured here have a secure home at the Sera Wildlife Conservancy, a member of @NorthernRangelandsTrust in Northern Kenya. We welcomed Northern Rangelands Trust to National Geographic's campus to hear how their community-led conservation efforts are advancing a sustainable future for people and wildlife. These conservation solutions, designed by local communities, will be key to protecting 30 percent of the planet by 2030. Link in bio to learn more about the event. @nature_africa 📷: @AmiVitale #CampaignForNature

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Elephant sightings like these are common—but still a privilege—for the @intotheokavango team, who use canoes called mokoros to research and explore the Okavango River Delta. They’re working to protect this freshwater wetland, a safe haven for elephants, in order to preserve this iconic mammal’s habitat for generations. Link in bio to learn more about their work. #SaveTheElephantDay #CampaignForNature Photo: @kodilu

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At 2:20 a.m. on this day in 1912, the Titanic sank into the Atlantic Ocean. National Geographic Explorer Bob Ballard found the famous shipwreck in 1985. #otd #insidenatgeo

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Think you could tell this mantis apart from a swaying twig if you saw it out in the wild? Documented by National Geographic Explorer @_leolanna and the @projetomantis team. #earthmonth #protectourspecies

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