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Just a girl who likes to do everything! I take photos, I film, and I shamelessly like having my picture taken too 🤷‍♀️🙃 #enjoylife #bekind


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Film recommendations please! I’ve watched the new Jurassic World twice already! 😂 It is the period between Christmas and New Year. No one knows what day it is; time doesn’t really exist. Can we start drinking at 10 am? Why not. Existence is confusion. 😂 I’m current catching up on some admin, editing, and planning 2019. I don’t have any New Years resolutions yet, do you? I adore this photo taken by my incredible photographer friend @lewismembery earlier this month. Hopefully, we’ll be doing another shoot in the NY together. Me > @heather_bailey_ Photo by @lewismembery Jumper @newlook Youthful looks thanks to @theskingirl.co.uk Location @bristolharbourhotel

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Happy Holidays! I thought I’d join in with the obligatory Christmas selfie wearing my new glasses. I hope you all had a lovely day yesterday. I’ve eaten so much food again today I can hardly move! It’s nice to have a bit of time off before the new year though. Sending well wishes to you all. 🎄💖 @heather_bailey_ Glasses are from the @kylieminogue range at @specsavers #christmas2018 #glasses #girlsinglasses #geekgirl

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When your dog is so extra she gate crashes every photo shoot! I swear my clients are only booking shoots to come and play with my little Nanakins! 😂🐶 Do you have a pet? @heather_bailey_ Model @misscherryfox Makeup @reddslea

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Had pizza last night and woke up feeling fab! 🍕 = 😁 “But you don’t need to go to the gym” and “you’re not fat” is what I get inbox every day. 🤷‍♀️ I know! I started back at the gym to improve my physical and mental health; not to lose weight because I hate myself. In fact, I’d say my recent success is down the fact I’m going with a good mindset and I already love all of me Bridget Jones style (just the way I am). Of course, we all want to be a bit more toned up, so that’s a bonus. I’ve only been back at the gym for two weeks and I can see a huge difference! My waist has tightened up while my legs and glutes are popping out again. Before anyone asks me what’s the secret let me start by saying there is no secret. You need to work hard and put more effort into your kitchen habits than your gym habits. I spent 4-5 weeks getting my diet better; in my case eating 400-500 more calories a day before starting back at the gym! 🙈 I’m not a hungry person and I struggle to eat enough calories (good calories) a day. Anyway, I’m feeling proud and more determined than ever! I will be a month ahead of the new year resolution folks by January 😂💪😎. Thanks to @rob_pt_bristol for all your fab advice, support, and awesome workouts at @thegymbristollongwellgreen Thanks to all of you for your continued love and support!! 😁

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Who’s your favourite celebrity? I adore @jennamarbles and I’ve followed her for ten years now! She’s most well known for her comedy videos YouTube. Here is one of my latest boudoir photos from a shoot with @misscherryfox , a model and youtuber. Stalk me 👉 @heather_bailey_ Hair and makeup by @reddslea aka @missdeadlyred Lingerie @playfulpromises Photographer @heather_bailey_

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What’s your favourite Christmas film? I’m looking for some ideas to get me in the mood for the holidays. ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and ‘Elf’ are my favourites. I hope you like this new photo; I can’t get enough of @missdeadlyred recently. 🙃💖 Me @heather_bailey_ Model @missdeadlyred MUA @reddslea Photographer @heather_bailey_

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What’s your favourite sport? I love to weight train at the gym and go for long walks with my pooch. Have any of you ever tried an extreme sport? I think the worst thing I tried was Wakeboarding in Florida: never again! 🙈😂 Photo by @heather_bailey_ Model @missdeadlyred Makeup @reddslea Outfit @gymshark @gymsharkwomen

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GIRL NEXT DOOR ... Guess who I’m hanging out with? My gorgeous friend @missdeadlyred has come round in preparation for a shoot with @misscherryfox this week. I’m just about to chill with Netflix and wondered if anyone had any suggestions?

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I’m not hungover - yay! I’m actually off to the gym now so stay tuned for obligatory selfies! 😁 I’ve got a few shoots booked this week in-between editing. I’m also shooting this lovely lady again in the New Year: @rhiannonguest Speaking of New Year a lot of things are changing and I won’t have as many dates for shoots I’m afraid; so get in touch ASAP if you want to book. Photo by @heather_bailey_ Model @rhiannonguest Makeup @reddslea

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Warning, I might rant a bit on this photo! But firstly, how incredibly gorgeous and photogenic is my friend @louisevarns_official !! .... So I just want to talk about these annoying captions I see on plus-size models photos like “real women have curves”. WTF?! Real women can be and do whatever they want to do!! I photograph Mums, 18-19year olds, ladies in there 40s-50s+, tall and short people, long hair short hair curly hair, professional models and everyday girls who haven’t seen their potential yet. AND unless I’m on crack I’m pretty sure they’re all REAL! Everyone is different and unique, and that’s what makes my job so much fun. Now just enjoy being you 🤗💕 Free virtual hugs to everyone on the Internet from me. Follow me @heather_bailey_ Model @louisevarns_official Outfit & Boots from @boohoo

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NEW PIC! What do you think? Finally getting around to upload my latest work in-between editing weddings. I wish I looked as fierce and sexy as @valisvolkova does in this photo! Photog @heather_bailey_ Model @valisvolkova Corset @orchidcorsetry Lingerie @playfulpromises

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Editing editing and more editing! 🙃 I'm doing some filming tomorrow at the #ukppc tomorrow so no rest for the wicked! I’m taking shoot bookings for Jan and Feb now so DM me to book. Here’s one I did earlier this year with @zoemarieuk in my home studio. 📷 @heather_bailey_ Model @zoemarieuk

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Busy shooting, editing and more shooting 📷👩‍💻🙃 what about you? I did a fitness fashion shoot with @kassiepayne wearing @gymkingwomen recently. What do you think? I had a lovely shoot with @melissa_la_lucy today and I’m looking forward to editing all the hot booty pics we took! 🍑😙 Follow me @heather_bailey_ Model @kassiepayne Clothing by @gymkingwomen @gymking Photo by @heather_bailey_

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NEW PHOTO 😁 I just love simple shots like this one; nothing too fancy, just sexy and sassy! 👌 It certainly helps that @missdeadlyred is incredibly beautiful. @heather_bailey_ Model @missdeadlyred Lingerie @playfulpromises Makeup @reddslea

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BEHIND THE SCENES! 📷 When you get hot so you casually take off your leggings during a shoot! This is okay right?! 🙈😂 There are so many benefits of working from home and being this casual is one of them. ❓What cheeky things do you do at work? I’ve been doing lots of OnlyFans and Patreon model shoots that I’ve not had a moment to stop. I’ve also been editing weddings and product shoots; It’s safe to say I need a new word for busy! 🙃🤓 Anyway, I hope to post more photos on here soon. @heather_bailey_

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Happy Halloween! 🎃👻 What’s your favourite Halloween costume? I love dressing up in all black like a cat or witch; I’m so dull. 🐱🧙‍♀️🙃 I hope you all have a fab evening! Model @kassiepayne Photographer @heather_bailey_ Lingerie @playfulpromises Corset @orchidcorsetry

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You say witch like it’s a bad thing! 🧙‍♀️🎃 Guess who it is?! Miss @heathervalentineuk This image is currently featured in @gartersandgrills magazine! I’ll be putting my prices up soon, so if you fancy a shoot before Christmas get in touch! 💕 - Photographer @heather_bailey_ Model @heathervalentineuk Lingerie @playfulpromises Corset @corsetstory

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Happy Hump Day! I had so much fun creating this Halloween themed cat with @valisvolkova recently! Isn’t she one of the most beautiful person you’ve ever seen?! Fun facts: Valis isn’t just a pretty face; she’s a model, opera singer, actress, and even plays the piano and violin! Some of you may know she appeared in a few episodes of @gameofthrones It was so lovely to work with her again and I hope to see this superstar soon. 🤗💕 Photo by me: @heather_bailey_ Model: @valisvolkova Lingerie: @playfulpromises

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