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Scuzzi 1 plate of humus and 1 falafel blease for this piano piano forinio di Milano HBD fatucci taralucci di taboulucci @ovo40 🇱🇧 Yala bye

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If u think money changes ppl to the worst nahhh it doesn’t it just shows their true colours 🐍 🗡 Me no like u if u not humble blease stay away Yala bye and thank u 🙏🏽 b rich at heart n b real and say alhamdulillah everyday and give to the poor as much as u can 🙏🏽bretty blease

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Sad to see this kind of terror act and I am soo mad to know there is ppl that can b so heartless and have that much hatred towards any person or race or religion to go and kill innocent lives brutally like that. This is not acceptable this need to stop the world needs to impose unforgivable punishment to this kind of acts I don’t care where u from I don’t care who u r I don’t care who u follow or what’s ur race as a Muslim I look at everyone the same there is no deference’s between us we all human what we believe in is for our own selfs . some muslims drink some muslims eat haram that doesn’t mean Islam teaches u that it means we all humans and we by individuals believe and chose to b who we wanna b nobody can judge anyone but god nobody is perfect we try to b the best we can b and do as much good as we can our religion is peace is love is respect it’s abt caring abt others 🙏🏽May Allah b with all the families that lost someone in this terror attack may god give u patience and strength cuz there is nothing harder then losing someone u love inshallah ppl change to the better and the only way it will it’s when we all stand together 🙏🏽🙏🏽 alhamdulillah nobody can stop our faith in god 🙏🏽🙏🏽🇳🇿 R.I.P. 😢 we leave the evil to god and god will punish them at the right time and right place 🙏🏽💯

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🏀v🏀 athletic center Proud of my brothers Yala bye

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When I asked if I can Blease go to Europe Tour Then suddenly he couldn’t hear me anymore 🗣Yala bye👂🏼 @champagnepapi 😂😂 🗣Scuzzi?

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I got kicked out from school but I still act old school That new generation is kinda fuked up I think we need those teachers back from my old school 👊🏽Yala bye 👊🏽 back home style 🇱🇧

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U can b a ting but I wonder if u good enough to b a HABIBIZ TiNG 🤔🤔 #YalaBye 🇱🇧

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Congrats my brother @champagnepapi Always keeping it 💯 I will now find that Grammy and turn it into a shisha some way some how 😈🏆💨💨Grammy tobacco mix flavour 💨 Yala bye

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If u don’t try how would u know if u can or nah?🤔life is literally like working out u start u go crazy at first u don’t see results u stop and say this is not working out for me 🛑 ✋🏿 Blease the key is to b consistent💯 at first u don’t see results u get sore and tired and still no results u don’t see it but it’s building up u will see the results later and then u will work smarter then harder 👊🏽wake up say Hamdullah some never woke up before u start say bismillah and on ur way say inshallah if u don’t Yala bye

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Blease I don’t care if u have a million followers like that doesn’t mean I have to pass u the shisha 👋🏽Blease Yala bye lol ppl think the more followers the more important they r 😂noooo if ur not humble and ur not a good inspiration to ppl and ur not helping poor ppl and their when needed u ain’t getting my respect 👊🏽that’s just me like it or not I’ll ignore u 💯 that’s just Instagram like relax show off ur good not ur ass show ur inspiration and the struggle u fought to get to ur goals so ppl can relate and not give up🙏🏽 like seriously just b thankful for everything and say Hamdullah we all gonna die 1 day and none of ur followers would wanna follow u but ur good will b remembered

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I only laugh when it’s funny okkk I won’t just look at the camera and just start laughing for no reason like Blease stop 🤚🏽 Blease Yala bye 😈

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Europe Tour @champagnepapi 🔥 locate ur city🧐 #YalaBye 4 now

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