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Congrats my brother @champagnepapi Always keeping it 💯 I will now find that Grammy and turn it into a shisha some way some how 😈🏆💨💨Grammy tobacco mix flavour 💨 Yala bye

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If u don’t try how would u know if u can or nah?🤔life is literally like working out u start u go crazy at first u don’t see results u stop and say this is not working out for me 🛑 ✋🏿 Blease the key is to b consistent💯 at first u don’t see results u get sore and tired and still no results u don’t see it but it’s building up u will see the results later and then u will work smarter then harder 👊🏽wake up say Hamdullah some never woke up before u start say bismillah and on ur way say inshallah if u don’t Yala bye

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Blease I don’t care if u have a million followers like that doesn’t mean I have to pass u the shisha 👋🏽Blease Yala bye lol ppl think the more followers the more important they r 😂noooo if ur not humble and ur not a good inspiration to ppl and ur not helping poor ppl and their when needed u ain’t getting my respect 👊🏽that’s just me like it or not I’ll ignore u 💯 that’s just Instagram like relax show off ur good not ur ass show ur inspiration and the struggle u fought to get to ur goals so ppl can relate and not give up🙏🏽 like seriously just b thankful for everything and say Hamdullah we all gonna die 1 day and none of ur followers would wanna follow u but ur good will b remembered

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I only laugh when it’s funny okkk I won’t just look at the camera and just start laughing for no reason like Blease stop 🤚🏽 Blease Yala bye 😈

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Europe Tour @champagnepapi 🔥 locate ur city🧐 #YalaBye 4 now

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🙏🏽🎂🙏🏽my type of birthday chill 💨💨thanks to all and I thank god everyday for everything the good the bad days everything and every moment in life is a blessing and a lesson Hamdullah 4 everything 🙏🏽Yala bye #capricorn 👊🏽

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Happy birthday to the most annoying brother u could ever have like seriously no no like seriouslyyy sooo annoyinggg like I wanna break the shisha on his head sometimes but if u ever need him he will always b there like a brother 4 real but again will bother u abt it all ur life wallah soo annoying 😂😂 no matter how much of a LOSER u r u r my brother for life happy birthday Yala byeee @preme

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Inshallah this year was a lesson for all and next year a blessing for all 🙏🏽Wish u all a happy HALALODAY and and less haramodays 👊🏽 keep it HALALUYAAA 🙏🏽🙏🏽YALA BYE

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Merry Xmas n happy holidays to all 🙏🏽 stop giving me shisha presents like ppl will give me gifts and look at my face while I open the presents like i will b surprised😂 I look back at them with the fake smile n say I wonder what it is I can’t wait to open it 😜but I already know it’s a shisha like I fukin knowww 😂 stopppp hahaha wish u all the best for real and nothing feels better then sharing holidays and positivity b safe plz and hoping 2019 is a better year for everyone inshallah 🙏🏽Yala bye

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No I don’t wanna look at the camera 😡 but wallah I won 😂 don’t judge the cover by its book Yala bye

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Live life to express not to impress #Yolo bye

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God knows what’s best for u and when it’s best for u just b patient 🙏🏽 Yala bye

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