She finished filming #HUSTLERSMOVIE in early May then jumped into 24/7 rehearsals for her summer tour in June where she has swept the country to sold out arenas in EVERY STATE SHE PLAYED slaying audiences and leaving them breathless. Trying to find an appropriate metaphor. How about this? @jlo #itsmypartytour #hustlersmovie #marryme on deck. #warriors #lions #limitless

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Footage from Monday’s rescheduled concert #madisonsquaregarden @jlo #itsmyparty NATIONALLY SOLD OUT Tour courtesy of @jloverbby. #unstoppable #limitless #hustlers #nybaby #warriors See you all tonight in JERSEY!! #mygirlie #timetodance #illbethere

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Don’t you just love Barbara Stanwyck? #hustlersfromanothertime #Repost @thiswashollywood ・・・ Barbara Stanwyck taking care of business in the pre-code drama Baby Face (1933). ☕️

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15 years ago I had breast cancer. And this friend of mine came to every chemo appointment, with her sweetface clothes and songs she was thinking about recording. And she offered clothes to everyone on the chemo rounds, and we voted on which songs should be on her album. And while she didn’t let me sing with her, I mean hello I might’ve had cancer but everyone has their limit,she did hold my hand and rub my bald head and make me believe there was a tomorrow. And Jesus I needed to believe. People want to know who Jennifer is? She is someone without whom nothing seems worthwhile, and with whom anything is possible. She is a girl’s girl. She is a warrior. She is the best kind of friend you could ever have and when she’s not there you miss her like part of you has been ripped away. Thank you @jlo for all you do out loud, and all you do so quietly. #lifesaver #truenorth #jenecho #juniper #danceordonatechallenge thank you @hodakotb @inthelab247 @_breastfriends_

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No one puts baby in the corner, and no one turns lights out on @jlo! Next time Con Ed can just borrow wattage as #Itsmypartytour circles back to NYC and electrifies the stage at #madisonsquare. In honor, please enjoy the vocal stylings of homegrown singer, actor, performer, and the legend that is Streisand. #greateststar to #greateststar #fortheloveofthefans #bethelight #Repost @thiswashollywood ・・・ “I’m the Greatest Star” performed by @barbrastreisand in her film debut Funny Girl (1968).

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Going into the week like @jlo at #madisonsquaregarden last night... #aintnomountainhighenough

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#Repost @jenniferfisherjewelry ・・・ Like A Boss @jlo Coming Out In The Blackout To Reassure Everyone ♥️🔛✊🏼 Huge Props To The Amazing Staff At @thegarden Acting Fast And Calmly Getting Everyone Out Safe #jlo #jloitsmyparty

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The universe has you, so enjoy the view... #outonalimb

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Two sold out nights at Madison Square Garden, @jlo #itsmypartytour hits NYC like a hurricaine slaying all five Burroughs. In celebration I offer Rita Hayworth,1945. You’re welcome. #Repost @thiswashollywood ・・・ Rita Hayworth performing the “You Excite Me” number in Tonight and Every Night (1945). Choreography by Jack Cole. Rita was pregnant with her first child Rebecca Welles so all the musical numbers were filmed first and costume designer Jean Louis found creative ways to conceal her pregnancy on the screen.

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