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If you watched “Back to Dust,” the documentary of the making of my most recent collection (you still can via link in bio!) then you’ll know that the clothes were made to the soundtrack of the wondrous and wildly beautiful @spaceykacey. So you can imagine my excitement this morning to see our east Texas queen wearing our satin twill caped suit and mini to last night’s #billboardwomeninmusic event in NYC. Styled by @ecduzit ❤️

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My 3 favorite moments for Holiday, in stores TODAY! Sparkle and shine are always necessary this time of year, whether you’re clinking your glass at a fancy party, rewatching The Princess Switch on the couch (🙋🏻‍♂️) or just walking down the grocery stores aisle alone on a Friday night because you work a lot and you didn’t have time to get actual groceries and prepare a sensible dinner so you throw Apple Jacks and ramen in to the cart, run home and turn on The Princess Switch like I said, and lay there on the couch and zone out pretending you’re a princess in some weird made up Netflix country instead of on your couch in Brooklyn eating a mixture of Ramen and Apple Jacks, YOU KNOW?! (🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️🙋🏻‍♂️) Anyways, for any and all of the above mentioned occasions, you may need a little shine, obviously, so head to the link in bio for a retailer near you 🖤

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Inside this year’s @crfashionbook #crwomen2019 calendar, @feifeisun wears our Spring 2019 pleated blush gazaar skirt as a dress, as only @carineroitfeld could do! Shot by @mario_sorrenti. 100% of the proceeds of this collaboration with @esteelauder go towards Breast Cancer research. I’m very proud to be a small part of this project. 💕

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At last night’s Brooklyn, NY stop of her #becoming tour, @michelleobama wore a #brandonmaxwell satin twill tuxedo customized from the Spring 2019 collection. Styled by the wondrous @meredithkoop ❤️ #alwaysanhonor

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Thank you @wwd @jessiredale for this really kind article. This is my first time to be on a list like this, and I’m really honored. What great, incredible, inspiring company I find myself in! I hope I live up to it! I know there’s a really cool, very kindly in my favor photoshopped photo of me on here, but this mention is actually for each and every woman past and present who has worked with me to help inch this little dream along. Love every one of you in a way I hope I’ll be able to more appropriately express in a few years, once I’ve slept more. Thank you. #wwd40oftomorrow 💕

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Every year I post one shirtless photo of myself and caption my age, because there will come a day in a few years when I’ll look back and a not so great time in my life will suddenly seem not as bad as I thought it was. This is 34. ❤️ #LEARNINGTOLOVEME 📸: @moki_mo

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My sweet and beautiful mom was recently diagnosed with Cancer. On a phone call last week the woman that gave me life calmly and bravely explained that we would now be embarking on a new journey with hers. As only the most selfless and strong mother could, she used that moment to assure me that WE WILL be ok. I believe that to be totally true, because my momma said so! I have always tried to use this platform to openly express my emotions and to talk honestly about where I’m at in my life. In doing so, it is my hope that whomever reads it might connect personally and that our exchange may light a fire that ultimately leads to personal growth or positivity for them. And so many times, that exchange heals me too. If you have followed my journey from the beginning then you are probably aware that my relationship with my mom is not only the reason I do what I do in this life and career, but it is also the reason why I have kept going so many times when I didn’t feel like I had the strength to. SO, I tell you this tonight for two reasons. One, because selfishly I ask that you lift her up in your prayers, keep her in your thoughts, send her strength, or all of the above as she starts her journey, beginning with her surgery tomorrow morning. To give her the support to fight and win as she has done so many times for me in this precious life. And two, because facing health issues is scary. If you have someone in your life that you think needs an examination or even feels the slightest bit off, encourage them to get checked, early detection is so important. I love my life, and I am so grateful for these incredible opportunities and experiences, for the gift of being able to create work that can help make someone else feel beautiful, to see the world, to have a voice, but none of it is worth having without the ones you love. That is one of the many lessons that has already become abundantly clear in the short time I’ve lived in this experience. Thank you for your love and thoughts, and most of all, thank you for giving us this incredible life that I cannot wait to continue to experience with the woman I love most in this world. #mom ❤️

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On this Black Friday when you’re being served discount codes left and right, I personally have nothing to offer y’all!! Our website houses all of our campaign films, imagery, and past collections (all of which are free to view!), but no items for sale! So here’s a picture of a few speciality items from our most recent collection that will never be in stores and are special order only 🤷🏼‍♂️ All of that being said, if you’re looking for something you love from us, you can click on the link in bio and visit one of our great retailers near you for their deals! ❤️ 📸: @moki_mo

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The way you walk down aisle 7 when you’re home for the holidays and your mom sends you to the grocery store because she forgot the sour cream and you might see someone you went to high school with and you don’t really want to get in to the back and forth of how have you been for the last 16 years etc etc you just want them to KNOW and SEE that you’re doing great, really excelling in fact, you know?.... #amiright

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That feeling when you’re standing in the closet alone (and by closet I mean the part of your room where you’ve set up a rack and stacked clothes on top of each other to resemble a drawer) trying to figure out what to pack for Thanksgiving vacation. You know it well..... you walk in all hyped, like “This is the year I’m going to be on my A game and dress to impress!” You try a few things on, looking in the mirror and asking yourself, “Is this look too much for a noon lunch in Texas or should I leave the hatbox at home?” It goes round and round like that until 30 minutes later you suddenly feel hot and sweaty and bloated and you sit down on the floor in defeat and just throw a bunch of sweatpants in a bag and hope for the best.....🤷🏼‍♂️ #tistheseason

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ME walking away from multiple moments of possible negativity today like........ @imaanhammam #nottoday

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Karlie, you look GREAT! Filming a TV show along side you has been not only incredibly fun and laugh inducing but also AWESOME for my self esteem! Like today for instance, I showed up to work in the morning in sweatpants, two coffee stains, and a puffy eye. They made me up in to a semi real person for camera, and then I left again in sweatpants (and with a weird skin reaction to the makeup?? 🤷🏼‍♂️) but YOU? You walked in wearing full on cashmere, carrying the newspaper and a latte, and needed little to no hair and makeup time. And then you just sauntered right off set and on to the red carpet super flawlessly, like the pro that you are. Congratulations, that’s what makes you “super,” and me “average”! Love you 🤪. Karlie is wearing a design from the Spring 2019 runway in a custom color way to tonight’s #glamourwoty awards in New York. A big thanks and a huge hug to the hard working women on my team who put this look together so effortlessly while I was pulling double duty at my new job, you’re the real MVP’s. 🖤

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