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Award-winning photographer & filmmaker. @dereckjoubert & I produce African wildlife conservation documentaries. More images at Natgeocreative.com


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This is a bit far away but it shows how effective and determined this lioness is. She’s almost shoulder-deep in water and yet she’s still managed to catch an adult red lechwe - an antelope well-adapted to swampy conditions. #okavangolions #bigcats #swamplions #redlechwe

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She’s done well as usual. It’s a brief little life for the young lechwe, but her two small cubs will gain strength and grow a bit more. Another step forward for them in this world where their odds are declining with rapidly shrinking ecosystems, increasing conflict with people, a growing shady demand for traditional medicines and people’s strange compunction to want to mount a lifeless head on a wall. #okavangolions #thisismytrophy #worthmorealive #circleoflife

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Every muscle is defined and honed to perfection. She is in her prime and her daily hunting through the Okavango swamps has made her extraordinarily strong. When hunting with her pride, she'll have her set position - each lion keeping her same spot and responsibility and honing her part to perfection. Right now, she has small cubs to feed and is keeping them separate to the pride until they are big enough. Every day, she enters the swamps to hunt red lechwe - at times running through water for hours, and with her unrelenting determination she is highly successful. #OkavangoLions #TsaroPride #ThisIsMyTrophy #rippedmuch @ilcp_photographers

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Kicking up dust into an already amber sky as they dig for bulbs. We have nothing but awe and respect for these giants who are capable of such strength, and yet will usually tolerate the presence of humans - who they will have seen are not harmless creatures... #thisismytrophy #elephants #okavango #worthmorealive

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Elephants in the mist - visible against a backdrop that is highlighted by a slow-burning fire. #okavango #veldfire #elephants #landscape

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Their deep hoots are a well known sound in the savannahs and their larger size means that they’re more likely to be seen when they roost in trees during the day. But Verreaux’s eagle owls are often confiding - content in knowing their wings will carry them away if one gets too close. It’s the wonderful bright pink flash of their eyelids that particularly endears them to me; like an eyeshadow that softens the face and distracts from the deadly talons that show the true predator within. #yearofthebird #verreauxseagleowl #owl #pinkeyelids #birdingbotswana #twitching

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Quite devastated by China’s decision to reverse the ban on use of (farmed) tiger parts and rhino horn in traditional medicine. Ingesting tiger bones or rhino horn has no health benefits for people. It has however, very severe implications for the health of the remaining populations of these endangered species. Apart from the fact that selling ‘medicine’ that you know doesn’t work is deeply immoral, telling the difference between parts from animals that have been farmed and those that are poached in the wild is virtually impossible. We have seen the massive detrimental effects on elephant populations with the sale of supposedly strictly monitored ivory. With only 4000 wild tigers and 30 000 rhinos left in existence, this could be one of the most devastating environmental decisions ever taken. #worthmorealive #takeanasprin #wildlifetrade #rhinohornisnotmedicine #tigerbonesarenotmedicine

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They say an elephant never forgets. They certainly don't seem to forget when a favourite food source becomes available. The Makalani palms (Hyphaene petersiana) that are great features of this northern Botswana landscape, produce copious amounts of fruit that generally ripen at the driest time of the year, when other food sources are at their poorest. It's not entirely uncommon to see elephants shaking each tree to check if the fruit has ripened and will fall. This bull has tested them all and will be back to check again, until they rain down on him. #thebeautyofelephants #realfanpalm #makalanipalm #wintersday #botswana #linyantiswamp #selindareserve

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It looks like a snarl but is in fact a response to pheromones known as the flehmen response. This is seen in a number of mammals and most cats (including house cats), and allows them to check the reproductive or territorial status of others. Both males and females will bare their teeth like this when they come across a scent that will give them a chemical signal. This dominant male is testing the pheromones in the urine of a female who is coming into oestrus and, after sensing her readiness, will be following her very closely. #BigCats #Flehmen #ThisIsMyTrophy #FelineCanines @ilcp_photographers

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