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Mesmerized by this school of fish 😍🐟 (🎥: #BDTeam's @storyofsage 🎶 Partir - Beauvois📍: Kailua-Kona, #Hawaii)

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Heading down the Xiangshui river to Xiaoqikong- the seven-hole bridge. 🛶 Have you ever traveled to this UNESCO World Heritage site? (📷: @loic.lagarde 📍: Xiangshui, Guizhou, China)

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Climate Week is coming to NYC! 🗽We are so excited to announce our partnership with the @theclimategroup for #ClimateWeekNYC. Climate Week NYC is the largest Climate Week on earth. This is the 11th year that businesses, political leaders, the climate community, and New York City come together to determine solutions to accelerate climate action. September 23-27th we will be working with the Climate Group to promote sustainable tourism. We are so proud to support this and share the message of sustainable tourism! Stay tuned for more! (📷: #BDTeam's @tomjauncey 🎶: “Stay” by @chetporter 📍: New York City)

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After two days of hiking and camping @jackson.groves captured these shots using a drone and we just have to say WOW 🙌 😍 And we were always told "don't go chasing water falls" 😉 Tag a friend who has to see this! (📸: @jackson.groves 📍: Panama)

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"I finally did it😍. I had been thinking about hiking the highest peak of lofoten for a long time already and now was the perfect time to do it. It took us 5.5 hours to reach through the most challenging path I've ever taken. I was afraid that we wouldn’t be able to see anything but out of nowhere the clouds disappeared and we reached the top just in time to witness something I’ve never seen before. The view was absolutely incredible" We love to hear experiences behind the photo, like this from @visualsofjulius. (📷: @visualsofjulius 📍: Lofoten)

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Surf's up in Bali 🏄🤙 Catching waves captured by @andriu_fpv with FPV drone. (🎥: @andriu_fpv 📍: Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia)

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"It took us five hours to get here just in time for sunset, and it was definitely worth it." Have you visited the tallest waterfall in Japan? #BeautifulDestinations (📷: @yantastic 📍: Nachi Falls, #Japan)

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KrKa National Park is visited by many to explore the wildlife, listen to the birds, and see the beautiful waterfalls. You can swim in parts of the KrKa National Park, so be sure to bring your swimsuit! 👙 Have you seen these waterfalls in person? (🎥: @expeditionearth.live 📍: Krka Waterfalls, Croatia)

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The beauty of Honduras makes us stop in our tracks - or at least makes us stop scrolling 😉 😁 Have you been? Tag a friend who has to see this beautiful combination of 🏔️ and 🌊 (📸: @skyfie.irias 📍: Honduras)

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Soaking up the views 👀 @destinationchaser gives pro tips for capturing this shot: "We were able to get shots with it empty because we went to the lower terrace as most people stay up, so it was empty most of the day. 😊 Please be careful which ones you swim in and walk on, make sure you ask guards before where the limits are, as there are no signs to indicate in this area 🚫 some are not allowed for their conservation." ⠀ ⠀(🎥: @destinationchaser & @dwanderess 📍: Pamukkale, Turkey)

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Perhaps closer to a dream than real life ✨ Have you ever traveled to colorful Morocco? Tag a friend you want to go with! 🌈 (📸: @lilyrose 📍: Morocco)

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Beautiful tiles are all over in Uzbekistan, the nation in Central Asia. "The architecture in this city was so unique I haven't seen designs or colours like this anywhere else in the world." (🎥: @gabscanu📍: Uzbekistan)

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