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Looking for a new way to get those 360-degree views? Just go for a quick swing around the shore! Tag who you'd want to take in this view with. (πŸ“·: @kyrenian πŸ“: Dalawella Beach)

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Are you drawn to mystical moorlands, rainbow cottages, lush landscapes, and misty sea stacks? Then these Nordic islands need to make it on your bucket list. Can you guess where they are? (πŸŽ₯: @pangea 🎢: @philanthrope_πŸ“: Faroe Islands)

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Just a casual boat ride with friends during a misty morning in Yangshuo, China. @yantastic’s fantastic reminder to not settle for anything less than magic. Tag who you'd bring along for the ride. (πŸ“·: @yantastic πŸ“: Yangshuo, China)

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Los Angeles is known for many things β€” palm-tree-lined boulevards, celebrity sightings, and often, its notorious traffic. But, with a backdrop like this, driving slowly into the sunset doesn't seem quite so bad! What's your favorite thing about LA? ( πŸŽ₯: @neohumanity πŸ“: Los Angeles, California)

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Landscape photographer @jasoncharleshill shares a series of stunning shots from his journey across the South Island of New Zealand. Isn't it incredible what patterns nature can create? (πŸ“·: @jasoncharleshill πŸ“: New Zealand)

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Just a little reminder to live in the present moment, brought to you by this peaceful waterfall in Laos. On #WorldWaterDay we celebrate this precious resource πŸ’§ (πŸŽ₯: @storyofsage πŸ“: Laos)

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"I've completely fallen in love with these views and the dramatic weather." It was love at first sight for creator @tomashavel during his first visit to Madeira, Portugal β€” what destination has quickly captivated you? (πŸ“·: @tomashavel πŸ“: Madeira, Portugal)

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Check out this view of one of the most magnificent wonders of the world captured by @jacob. Every year, 7 to 8 million people travel to Agra to see the magnificence of the #TajMahal. Have you visited it? (πŸ“·: @jacob πŸ“: Taj Mahal, #India)

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Who's all from Cape Town or has visited this bustling South African city? What are some must-sees and must-dos? Comment below to give us your personal recommendations!(πŸ“·: @emmett_sparling πŸ“: Cape Town, Western Cape)

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@sebmontazstudio captures this stunning moment of Julien Millot surfing the line above the Mer de Glace. We were left speechless πŸ™Œ (πŸŽ₯: @sebmontazstudio 🎢: "Views" by Ikson πŸ“Aiguille du GrΓ©pon)

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Happy #Holi Festival to all who are celebrating! Check out our story to see @jacob take us through his colorful experience at the festival in Vrindavan! 🌈 (πŸŽ₯: @jacob πŸ“: Nandgaon, #India)

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On a trip to the colorful seaside villages of Cinque Terre, would you start by doing a little cliffside hiking, checking out the local vineyards, or dining on the area's fresh seafood? Comment below to let us know! (πŸ“·: @donquiellumbera_ πŸ“: Cinque Terre)

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