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“Look around. Find something different.” #ShotoniPhone by Lawrence W. @lawrenceim

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"Shadow play." #ShotoniPhone by Will M. @will_milne Music: “Before Dawn” by Jay Demko

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“Each house seems like a person expressing their individuality. It’s what attracts me to this city, this freedom of authenticity.” #ShotoniPhone by Julie G. @juliegeb

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Community Brief 22: Bokeh Give your background a starring role. Tag #TheBokehSeries + #ShotoniPhone We’ll post favorites next week. Music: “Magnifique” by Rouge Rouge

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“Nature’s artwork.” #ShotoniPhone by Ivy T. @ivytsh73

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"My son's natural habitat." #ShotoniPhone by Mark F. @markforrester

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“It’s a beautiful world we live in.” #ShotoniPhone by Jennifer C. @jennifercwang

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“The sea, the trees, the sky. They feel calm and safe.” #ShotoniPhone by Thiago Q. @quiuque

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Commissioned by Apple. "It's not enough to just work hard and have a creative vision. As a woman and as an artist, I want the freedom to reinvent myself every day. I want to be unlimited." @tierrawhack on set for @applemusic. #ShotoniPhone by Max M. @instamaxmonty #IWD2019

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“With architecture, I’m looking for something unusual: a strange detail, a beautiful patina, sharp geometry, or maybe it’s just a forgotten house.” Check out Stories for more. #ShotoniPhone by András W. @weisz

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“Costumes deserving of their close ups.” #ShotoniPhone by Denna A. @micromardigras Music: "Golden Crown” by @chawaband

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Commissioned by Apple. "Seeing the light of the world above disappear as we started to submerge was incredible. It feels like space exploration. The opportunity and privilege of seeing life at such depth created an even greater connection to our planet within me. It drives home the urgency of ocean conservation." #ShotoniPhone by Sasha A. @sashafoto on mission with @oceanx. Check out Stories for more. #WorldWildlifeDay

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